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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>: Aug 05 09:21PM -0700

'We now know how the Trump presidency will end. Let's hope we survive:
The outlines of the end are becoming more clear, as Robert Mueller's
investigators dig away. Expect things to be vicious.'
'How will the Donald Trump presidency end? It will end badly, so let me
count the ways:
1. America is hurtling towards a constitutional crisis that will rock
its institutions to the core.
2. Its president and his business empire will soon be exposed as
beholden to Russian oligarchs and mobsters.
3. Trump will try to fire special counsel Robert Mueller to prevent this
from becoming known, but Congress will intervene.
4. His only remaining hope will be a 9/11-scale disaster or contrived
war that he can exploit.
5. If we are lucky enough to survive all of the above, Trump will resign
before he is impeached — but only in exchange for a pardon from his
servile vice-president, Mike Pence.'
You special right-wing snowflakes should read the rest.
Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: Aug 05 09:14PM

I am so sorry for being the failure I am.
You knew, mommy knew, everyone knows.
I am but a floating turd in a bowl, I know that.
Forgive me please Dadi!
Nomen Nescio <nobody@dizum.com>: Aug 05 10:53PM +0200

I cannot help I am losing my hair and can't afford a wig.
I dropped out of college, how do you think I feel?
I live alone, no one wants me. I can't stop attention seeking, the need overwhelms me.
So please Michael, stop, Feel pity on me, not ridicule, I suffer in silence.
Nomen Nescio <nobody@dizum.com>: Aug 05 10:08PM +0200

Stop picking on me.
I can't help it I am losing my hair!
And I feel bad enough about dropping out of college, why do you have to remind me.
Now leave me please, I must cut and paste about Trump, I cannot stop.
Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>: Aug 05 09:37AM -0700

Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: Aug 05 04:31PM

Cut and paste Trump news for us.
Show us how well you Google and find news for us.
What a service you provide Shit Stain.
Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: Aug 05 03:39PM

Doubt he spends hours attention seeking on a dead newsgroup.
Yea, 50% not bad.
Now start cut and pasting SHIT STAIN, show us your craft!
Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: Aug 05 03:29PM

cut and paste for us please!
show us how bad trump is.
We are waiting shit stain, we are waiting.
Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: Aug 05 02:58PM

The recluse college dropout has himself to blame.
He is a loser of his own doing.
Who else but a total ass would spends hours upon hours chatting on a dead newsgroup.
Bitching about the President of the US. Barnee sure had better things to do, the balding college dropout apparently does not.
Carbon <nobrac@nospam.tampabay.rr.com>: Aug 05 08:34AM -0400

On 08/04/2017 05:04 PM, Dene wrote:
>> So, when Bill Clinton lied about having an affair with an intern,
>> you didn't care?
> I cared about his signature.
I can smell the hypocrisy from Florida!
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