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Friday, July 14, 2017

John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jul 13 10:51AM -1000

>> damn players as they come up so they can last ***king longer than a
>> week with the team.
>Sabean or whoever is running the farm system has run it down to the ground.
Sabean who never ran the organization, is the man responsible for the
Giants winning all those World Series titles. He went back to scouting
and Evans now hires and fires.
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jul 13 10:53AM -1000

On Wed, 12 Jul 2017 14:35:31 -0700 (PDT), "benf802961@aol.com"
>whatever happen to gary brown? I think the Giants were counting on him and he screwed up.Where'd he go?
The Cardinals claim Gary back in 2015, ben.
"We knew he had value," new Giants general manager Bobby Evans said.
"We're not surprised he got claimed. We weren't sure he would. He's
been a pleasure to work with. Sorry to see him go, but as I told him,
'It's an opportunity. Take advantage of it.'"
Brown, 26, the 24th overall draft pick in 2010, was part of a highly
touted Arizona Fall League outfield in 2011 that included Mike Trout
and Bryce Harper, and he had a superb 2011 season at Class A San Jose.
His career path then stalled. The Giants had designated him for
assignment, feeling comfortable with their outfield depth in the
minors, including Juan Perez, Daniel Carbonell and Mac Williamson.
The Giants could have optioned Brown to the minors and kept him but
chose to remove him from the 40-man roster to clear a spot for Justin
Maxwell, who will make the Opening Night roster.
"benf802961@aol.com" <benf802961@aol.com>: Jul 13 05:44PM -0700

Looks like Gary Brown is in the Angels organization now.
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