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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 03:14AM

> Sabean or whoever is running the farm system has run it down to
> the ground.
I don't know. This decade they've turned up Belt, Panik, Crawford,
Blach, even Duffy for one good rookie year, and Arroyo is supposed to
be the next best thing. That's a couple of all-stars and a couple of
gold gloves. Seems like they don't turn up highly ranked prospects but
they do well once they're in the majors. And I believe this ballpark
just makes hitters look worse than they are.
They do suck at drafting outfielders though, but they rarely spend
their early rounds picks on OF. They're usually pitchers or
infielders, so I guess it's their philosophy to draft that way, until
this year.
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jul 11 11:11AM -1000

On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 21:19:02 -0700 (PDT), "benf802961@aol.com"
>Assets of 50K , 1 million dollar debt
>Livan Hernandez might lose some weight now.
BFI earned $53 million during his career? Damn!
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 02:45AM

> Assets of 50K , 1 million dollar debt
> Livan Hernandez might lose some weight now.
LOL. Equivalent to his 2002 WS pitching performance.
I'm always amazed at how these idiots who earn more money in one year
than a lot of people earn in their lifetime can just lose it all.
Common sense would have you put some "safety" money away even if you
blow most of it.
I guess he wasn't getting any Denny's endorsement deals. Might want to
talk to Pablo.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 02:43AM

> In the bottom of the 8th. I was upset by Posey
wayne upset at Posey. That's your shocking news of the day! LOL.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 02:42AM

> those runs right back in the top of the 3rd. He gave up the lead
> in the top of the 5th and the Giants tied it in the bottom of the
> 5th.
Sounds like a typical Cain start, doesn't it? :-D Well, it was a smart
move by Boch to bench Cain and start Cueto instead, but it didn't help
afterall since they still lost in extra innings, instead of Cain
pitching in which they would've lost in regulation.
Cain came in in relief for 0.1 inning, walk, wild pitch, walk,
groundout. No earned runs!!! Hahaha.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 02:37AM

> I think I heard Evans say that Bumgarner, Posey, and Crawford are
> untouchable . Everyone might need to have a suitcase nearby. I'm
> not sure about Crawford anymore. Having a lousy year.
That's what I heard too, so sounds like Panik and Belt are not safe. I
think Crawford is always safe based on his glove alone. Yeah Crawford
is hitting like crap but he's leading the team in RBI so wayne will
probably tell you he's the best hitter on the team. LOL.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 02:41AM

>> fish.
>> :-D
> I think there's nobody worth calling up is there?
Probably no one good but if they trade guys away they have to call
someone up to replace them, unless the trades bring guys back that
play the same positions. If they're trading for prospect then they
have to call someone up for sure.

> Sure you have to draft well but I don't know if there are any
> Giants prospects in the top 50 or even top 100 lists any more.
Where's Arroyo? Not in top 50? Giants fans seem to think so highly
of him.
> Unfortunately fixing the farm system is not a quick fix.
Well, if they continue to be the worst team in baseball, they can
fix that in a hurry with a Posey/Bumgarner/Lincecum type pick. And
I thought they drafted well this year, but it might take a while to
see results.
> So as attendance inevitably declines and merchandise sales fall,
> does management try to make some big free agent signings again in
> the offseason?
With the money they'll be freeing up on Cain and possibly Cueto,
maybe even Belt, they'll have a lot of money to spend. They can
also buy Moore out for $1M after this year, which looks very likely
at this point. And Pence will be gone next year. There will be
some free agent signings for sure.
> Or maybe overspend in the international market to make up for the
> decrepit farm system?
I don't see that happening but you never know...
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 02:37AM

I don't know if Boch has announced the 2nd half rotation yet, but
here's my guess:
It probably should be Blach then Moore based on performance but I'm
guessing Boch puts Blach 5th because he's a rookie. But either way you
get the righty-lefy-righty-lefty rotation.
Of course if Cueto is traded it'd be totally different, but at this
point he's still here.
What is your guess (or your wish) of the 2nd half rotation?
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jul 12 01:58AM

Wow the respect that Posey gets is shocking. I thought he'd be batting
near the bottom of the lineup, maybe 6th or 7th, in an all-star game,
but he's batting cleanup! You'd think it'd be Stanton, Harper, or
Zimmerman, even Arenado.
And in Posey's 2nd AB with 2 men on, the righthanded pitcher didn't
even want anything to do with the righthanded Posey, walked him on 4
pitches way off the plate to load the bases, taking his chances on the
next batter, a lefthanded hitter.
wayne must be crying that Stanton is not batting 4th. LOL.
So far a dodger gave up the only run of the game.
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