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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Iceberg <iceberg.rules@gmail.com>: Jun 23 12:02PM -0700

These actors must live in a totally detached world, oh like it's so tough with Trump being in govt, despite almost nothing changing day to day life for most people and the economy booming to new heights.
PeteWasLucky <waleed.khedr@gmail.com>: Jun 23 11:43AM -0700

Max is your references and source of knowledge?
ahonkan <ahonkan@gmail.com>: Jun 23 11:27AM -0700

On Friday, 23 June 2017 19:58:32 UTC+5:30, PeteWasLucky wrote:
> It's Cilic, I really hope Federer can avoid him.
I heard the Halle commentators say that Wawrinka's R1 loss at Aegon
and Fed's R2 win at Halle had ensured #4 seed for Fed at Wimbledon
as Stan slips to 5th before the cutoff date for seeding at Wimbledon.
If that's so, Fed avoids meeting the other 3 of the Big 4 before SF.
Can anyone confirm this?
ahonkan <ahonkan@gmail.com>: Jun 23 11:31AM -0700

On Friday, 23 June 2017 18:13:20 UTC+5:30, SliceAndDice wrote:
> Gilles Muller is in scintillating grasscourt form this year, winning s'Hertogenbosch and now in the semis of Queens. Definitely a dark horse.
Several good quality matches at Halle. Haase v Thiem was really good,
as was Haase v Gasquet. Fed v Mayer was better than Fed v Mischa Zverev.
Mayer was the defending champ and played quite well. Alex Zverev v Agut
was excellent for first 2 sets.
calimero377@gmx.de: Jun 23 11:03AM -0700

On Friday, June 23, 2017 at 7:33:44 PM UTC+2, TennisGuy wrote:
> other member of the public, your ignorance on 9/11.
> *** Almost 10 years ago N.I.S.T. (a U.S. government agency) finally
> admitted that WT7 was indeed in free fall for more than 3 seconds. ***
But not during the whole collapse, right?
Although those conspy nutters always said this?
> The significance of that admission cannot be overstated.
> In essence it was an admission that 9/11 was an inside job.
How so?
> So there is one "yes". Hmmmm... PeteWasLucky was not a liar.
> I guess that means that you were a liar?
PWL is a liar like almost all conspy nutters.
> > Holocaust deniers or the JFK conspiracy nutters.
> Phewwww, I am so glad you added that "Almost" at the beginning or I
> would surely have to be a nutter and a pathological liar.
There are some who just don't know the difference between fact and fiction.
There will always be people who think the Holocaust didn't happen, the moon landing was faked, JFK was hit from different directions, Lady Di was murdered, 9/11 was an inside job.
They are weak people who seek excuses for their failings in life. Conspiracies everywhere - on the world stage and in their personal lives.
You can't reason with them.
Carey <carey_1959@yahoo.com>: Jun 23 11:06AM -0700

On Friday, June 23, 2017 at 10:35:44 AM UTC-7, PeteWasLucky wrote:
> Almost all conspiracy nutters are pathological liars. They like lying and the thrill whether they can get away with it. Look at the Holocaust deniers or the JFK conspiracy nutters.
> What are you talking about?!!
> What molten steel? lol
They're straw-manning now. It's all they got. Heh.
TennisGuy <TGuy@techsavvy.com>: Jun 23 02:13PM -0400

> - on the world stage and in their personal lives.
> You can't reason with them.
> Max
Max you are hopeless.
Not even worth my time to address what you said.
PeteWasLucky <waleed.khedr@gmail.com>: Jun 23 11:16AM -0700

> Max you are hopeless.
Not even worth my time to address what you said.
Max is in his own world.
TennisGuy <TGuy@techsavvy.com>: Jun 23 01:55PM -0400

>> drifted 500+ feet to the side?
>> ???
> WTC 1 was 1370 feet high. WTC 7 was 370 feet away (not 500).
Max reading comprehension is clearly not your strong point. :)
Show me where I said that WTC7 was 500 feet away from WTC1?
> WTC 1 didn't collapse in its "footprint".
It didn't? Hmmmmmm..... :)
> The debris from WTC 1 consisted
> of heavy columns and lighter plates which had been welded between
> those column beams.
That was all the debris from WTC1? Hmmmm.... :)
PeteWasLucky <waleed.khedr@gmail.com>: Jun 23 11:14AM -0700

> Lol, I know why you don't want to discuss those WTC 7 fires. You conspiracy nutters are so predictable ...
Max, really go do something else, you are either always drunk, on drugs, or who knows what..
heyguys00@gmail.com: Jun 23 05:29AM -0700

On Friday, June 23, 2017 at 6:26:22 AM UTC-4, The Iceberg wrote:
> He should've just written Fed is "at peak" and Nadal has been out of sorts until this final.
Well at least there's no claiming Nadal is out of sorts from here on out. The rest of the year is "all sorted out" Nadal.
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