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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rafalution <Rafalution@25thmay2005.com>: Jun 19 06:45PM +0100

On 19/06/2017 09:54, Nark wrote:
> Its the loud mouthed ill-informed nationalists like you that keep the
> myth alive. 44% of UK exports are sold in EU, 9% of EU exports go to UK.
HAHA- The EU does 90 billion more trade PA with the UK than we do with
them. The maths is simple, no free trade deal and they are hit harder
than we are.
> (PS *NO-ONE* of any significance is 'lining up' to do trade deals)
Apart from America which says we are "Front of the queue"
> Brexit is still reversible
No, it is not. The people have spoken, get used to it.
FACT !!!
Victory for Jesus Christ,Brexit and Mr Rafa Benitez
Nark <Nark@shitter.com>: Jun 19 09:26PM +0100

On 19/06/2017 18:45, Rafalution wrote:
>> Brexit is still reversible
> No, it is not. The people have spoken, get used to it.
> FACT !!!
Simple Rafa. Believes anything. Its more like 60 billion - but again
you conveniently ignore that is just part of 9% of their exports...just
have a think about that; go on, I bet you can work it out.
So just what exactly are USA doing except 'making America Great again'.
Nice words from Trump et al who just looks out for themselves.
And just to show how well things are going: Davis has had to cave in on
day 1. A fucking disaster in the making...
Brexit can be reversed and we must do so for our children's sake.
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