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Friday, June 2, 2017

Seatirds <seatirds@seattle.com>: Jun 03 05:34AM +0200

If there's a team that isn't scared to pick up Colin Kaepernick,
it's the Seahawks.
Seattle already has Michael Bennett on the roster and the
defensive end has been known to have social opinions that may
rub some the wrong way. The Seahawks make it work with Bennett,
so signing someone like Kaepernick would not be outlandish.
It's not going to happen, though.
The Seahawks will be passing on the services of Kaepernick this
And people said Pete Carroll was dumb.
"Jack" <jackhouse@yahoo.com>: Jun 02 11:55AM +0200

In article <13606c57-3d7a-4665-8b41-
> Ailes is dead and Manning is free!
Manning will be dead soon.
Punitive dishonorable discharge - same as a felony, no VA
benefits, family will get tired of his shit REAL fast.
Maybe he can get a job at a freak show before he dies of a
heroin overdose.
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