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Sunday, June 18, 2017

"benf802961@aol.com" <benf802961@aol.com>: Jun 17 05:57PM -0700

John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jun 17 03:36PM -1000

On Sat, 17 Jun 2017 17:57:01 -0700 (PDT), "benf802961@aol.com"
Stinkland indeed!
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jun 17 03:35PM -1000

>> Giants 1 Rockies 0
>something is wrong with
>law and the choice to put him in the game in that situation
Maybe he's trying too hard. You saw what putting Morris in the game
did today.
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jun 17 03:32PM -1000

What the hell possesses a team to get 10 hits and score 1 fucking run?
Cain gives up 1 earned run, two runs and the Giants support him by
leaving 19 runners on base?
Morris? Is there really any reason to put this clown in the game,
other than to put the game out of reach. The whole point is to score
more runs than the other team and that should be easily reachable at
Coors field. There is the old problem with the Giants scoring a lot
of runs and taking the next game off ... but come on!
Giants 1 Rockies 5
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