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Saturday, June 10, 2017

ariess@bellsouth.net: Jun 09 08:35PM -0700

get a lead off triple and then a check swing grounder to first by slater, goes hard right to first baseman, no run. pitcher hits one out of the box, called fare, two outs no run. then span grounds out. They have the bases loaded and the pitcher up, who pops one up to the outfield, and it just goes exactly to the place where no one can get it and they score 3 runs. More RBI than posey gets in any week. Santana is getting a very low strike zone, which is great for him, and as I type this, he gets a high inside strike to hill.
ariess@bellsouth.net: Jun 09 08:32PM -0700

On Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 2:58:17 PM UTC-4, poldy wrote:
> Some guy on ESPN said that if the Giants don't plan to pay Cueto next
> season -- probably his salary will balloon -- then they may want to
> trade him at mid-season for desperately needed prospects.
Cueto may want to stay if the giants can't move him because the way he is going, he is not going to get a better contract. Melancon can be on the block too. If we get some serious young players or top prospects it could be a move. But It is actually too early to give up. Seems unlikely, but a few good weeks and we could be 6 games back at the allstar break, and that is not out of it.
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