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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

TennisGuy <TGuy@techsavvy.com>: May 17 03:06PM -0400

On 5/17/2017 12:40 PM, The Iceberg wrote:
> Age of the Young Guns! Lol
And you need to consider this...
It is common tennis knowledge that an ATP tennis generation is 5 years.
Real life generation is 20 years. This is for a life expectancy of
approx. 75 yrs (let's make that 80 for round numbers).
For ATP tennis, the life expectancy is usually 10 years, occasionally
15, and rarely 15+.
So real life:
Life expectancy 80, generation 20 (generation a factor of .25)
ATP tennis:
(Let's bump up the life expectancy a bit)
Life expectancy 15, generation 5 (generation a factor of .33)
Why am I mentioning all of this?
Can you imagine a great grandfather getting on a tennis court and
playing their great grand child a tennis match? Who do you think would win?
Well this is exactly what Federer is doing every time he steps on
court an plays a 20 or 21 year old!
And you know what?
He still beats them almost every time!
Incredible eh Icey?
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: May 17 08:03PM +0300

17.5.2017, 2:49, stephenJ kirjoitti:
> No Serena, and now no Sharapova? What reason is there to watch?
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: May 17 08:03PM +0300

17.5.2017, 2:59, Gracchus kirjoitti:
>> Terrible decision. No Serena, and now no Sharapova? What reason is there
>> to watch?
> Bouchard!
Fuck hard?
calimero377@gmx.de: May 17 10:01AM -0700

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 2:32:57 PM UTC+2, The Iceberg wrote:
> Only cos you were scared he was going to clamp down on money obsessed amoral corrupt bankers like you.
Clamping down on bankers?
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: May 17 07:55PM +0300

17.5.2017, 1:17, arahim kirjoitti:
> Outdoor Grass: Federer 2-1 (Nadal 33.33%, Federer 66.67%)
> Equalizing for surfaces (If they played a 100 on each surface):
> Nadal 198.21, Federer 201.79
Indoor hard is not a surface.
Also, 3 matches is too few for statistical analysis, as is 6.
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: May 17 08:00PM +0300

17.5.2017, 18:14, kaennorsing kirjoitti:
> That's why those samples sizes (in Fed's favour) are so small.
Too small to draw conclusions on. Plus indoor hard is not a surface,
it's just part of the matches played on hard.
The Iceberg <iceberg.rules@gmail.com>: May 17 09:57AM -0700

That sucks, sorry to hear it.
The Iceberg <iceberg.rules@gmail.com>: May 17 09:54AM -0700

You were one of those students that cried when Trump won and demanded to be taken to a safe space eh!
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