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Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Welcome to Trumpton" <trumpton@maiIsorter.co.uk>: May 27 06:18AM

Alan Baker wrote:
> "escorted"...
> ...but that still doesn't explain why his statement to the airline
> don't match his claim of being threatened.
Why not? It's not inconsistent, besides which his words are not
Most people believe there is truth and there are lies. "Alternative
facts" are lies.
"Welcome to Trumpton" <trumpton@maiIsorter.co.uk>: May 27 06:23AM

Carbon wrote:
> > On 2017-05-26 9:21 PM, Carbon wrote:
> >> On 05/26/2017 11:45 PM, Dene wrote:
> >>>> And these Republicans surprisingly agree.
> All it's going to take is some percentage of Republicans in Congress
> and the Senate with enough integrity to put country before party, and
> Trump will be gone.
...more likely put their seat and party before the lame duck.
It takes fear not integrity.
It takes constituents, especially those known to be contributors to
tell their representatives what they think.
Most people believe there is truth and there are lies. "Alternative
facts" are lies.
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