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Monday, May 1, 2017

Kenji <talesofkenji@gmail.com>: May 01 07:44AM -0700

On Saturday, 29 April 2017 17:27:42 UTC-7, Gary wrote:
> Figures.
> - Gary
I hate sports I hate sports I hate sports I hate sports
Gary <Gary.The.Canuck.Fan@gmail.com>: Apr 30 05:44PM -0700

On 2017-04-30 8:23 AM, foamy wrote:
> it was seen Trump paid
> over 38 mill in taxes that year at a higher rate than such darlings like Obama
> and the hypocritical socialist puke Saunders.
Let's just disregard the "puke" part.
In what way is Bernie Sanders "hypocritical"?
- Gary
Dutch <no@email.com>: Apr 30 06:41PM -0700

foamy wrote:
> Oh really ? I haven't seen her ever argue the facts of any policy, proposition
> or position. What she does, wait for it, is take something Trump said, and
> build a show around mocking him.
That's just not true at all. She covers a lot of moving parts of an
issue she tackles and knits them all together very cleverly creating
powerful narratives. She doesn't make the Trump administration look bad,
She shows that it IS bad.
Maddow was nowheresville in
> for poor Rachael it backfired and she herself was mocked, even by avid
> supporters, when the big revelation bombed when it was seen Trump paid
> over 38 mill in taxes that year at a higher rate
Ratings shmatings. Trump is the president, and he's a moron. American
righties are Fox News junkies. Democrats spread their viewing around
more, contrary to what you said earlier. The American TV viewer on
average is such a dipshit that good ratings are almost an indictment.
> than such darlings like Obama
> and the hypocritical socialist puke Saunders.
Saunders is trying slow down the income inequality freight train that
has been steaming out of control since Reagan. You probably think that's
a good thing "because freedom" or something, I don't know. I can't
figure guys like yo out at all.
> David Gergen..pres advisor to Clinton, and CNN Senior Political Analyst
> And in the Red Corner:
> Jeffrey Lord....CNN political analyst on the right
I didn;t say they gave equal time to the right, but at least there is
someone to give the Republican POV.
> his reversal of the manipulator charge, when he said, nows not the right time
> to call China a currency manipulator, what am I going to say to him, thanks
> for your help with North Korea, but btw you are a currency manipulator.
You're in the 4D chess move camp. He's just all over the place. He
believes whoever he talked to last.
> Sorry Dutch, but you haven't been paying attention. Since the Trumpster:
> -- for the first time EVER ! China did not support Russia in a U.N. Security
> Council veto vote surrounding Syria.
Wow, pasted directly from a Trump tweet. We all know how credible that is.
> -- China stopped oil shipments to NK
North Korea relies almost entirely on China for oil. The Asian giant
shipped about 500,000 tons of crude to the North each year until 2013,
according to the Chinese customs agency. Bilateral ties cooled that year
after Pyongyang carried out its third nuclear test, and exports
officially have remained at zero since 2014. But China is believed to
still provide crude to North Korea off the books
> -- China refused and turned back coal ships from NK
In February, before Trump could have had any effect.
> to increased sanctions.
> -- China moved 100K + troops to the China/NK border.
> And there have been more, but hopefully you get the point.
Yea, I'm sorry but Trump squandered any credibility he might have had
with me long ago, around the "Birther Scandal" days.
The guy is a serial liar and manipulator.
>> the little prick, it's insanity on a global scale. He talks about
>> keeping his cards close to his vest. He needs to shut up about Kim Jung Il.
> No, shutting up was Obamas schtick and look where the world is.
There are no nukes flying around.
> stockpile is huge. All the military experts have said at the rate they are
> going they will have delivery missles which could reach NA, not to mention
> proximal nations and allies.
Just doubt, doubt, doubt, anything that comes out of the Whitehouse and
anyone who supports it.
They can't
> I hope you're not a reflection of this old saying: If you can keep your head
> while all those around you are losing theirs, you obviously don't understand
> the gravity of the situation.
I'm far from keeping my head, my head is exploding, I just hope the
world doesn't follow suit.
I heard Trump trying to butter up the little prick today, basically
saying how tough it must be for him at his age to run a country. I think
that's kind of smart, but I don't trust he won't blow it the next time
he opens his mouth.
foamy@sulet.ten (foamy): Apr 30 08:30PM

Nyssa wrote:
>What might be interesting is actually SHOWING how the selections
>are made in the back room. Transparency. Having Bill Daly
>out there making like a bald Vanna White is just plain silly.
That's funny. :-)
Exactly. Have the spinning transparent container with the ping pong balls
and pop em out like bingo live and visible. Of course by having it done
behind closed doors makes it easier to conceal the fix--see Patrick Ewing
and the Nicks under Bettmans mentor Stern.
Dutch <no@email.com>: Apr 30 06:13PM -0700

Nyssa wrote:
> I like Bill Daly and would rather have HIM as commish instead
> of the Count,
Oops, you added an unnecessary vowel in that word.
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