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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: May 09 04:46AM -0700

On Monday, May 8, 2017 at 4:02:40 PM UTC-4, Jim Bauch wrote:
> Should I read anything into the fact that you didn't even mention
> Scherbak as a possible late bloomer?
Mm, well you could I suppose. I haven't seen any real signs that he'll make it. He'll be hitting Year 3 in the AHL next season, and I don't think too many stars last for that. New coaching there would definitely help him. But to me, he's like Galchenyuk with all faults magnified x10. Lots of skill, but maybe just not really focused enough to make it as an NHLer? He still has some time, but I definitely don't feel optimistic.
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: May 09 05:01AM -0700

I would say if it arguably ended being a wash, then it was essentially on the strength of Subban being injured. I've watched him play a dozen times now. He's hurting for sure. He still tips the ice surprisingly when he's out there, and some of the advanced stats for him are eye-popping, but despite that, he's really not the same player he was at his best for the Habs. From what I've seen, he's at maybe 75% of his full effectiveness many nights.
And that 75% is what's good enough to arguably be essentially a wash overall with Weber. He supposedly doesn't bring all the intangibles and glowing old-school hockey god aura of Weber, but he's a lot more active and effective in the defensive zone and at moving the puck. He doesn't score as many goals as Weber, but he contributes to his team scoring more, and getting more chances, which in the end is actually more important.
Nashville fans loved Weber. A lot. I've seen polls now where they are essentially totally on board with the trade and you could probably number them among those who are flat out of their mind too, because they all agree that Subban is better than Weber. And "better" is simply better. Calling a guy a "Man Mountain" doesn't make him better. Steely-eyed glares and reputations don't make a guy better. Subban is better in front of Rinne, he'd be better in front of Price, he's just a better hockey player, period, regardless of urban mythology.
What I hope is that someday Nashville fans get to see Subban restored to his full healthy 100%. I hope his back issues aren't going to be chronic. If that ever happens and he gets back to full health, I don't think even fading mythology could save Weber, or by extension Bergevin, in the evaluation of that trade.
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 09 05:30AM -0700

Individual talent gets a team only so far. What bugs me about Montreal is they have been clueless when it comes to understanding those strengths as to match them up with linemates and defence partners in order to push thier games to an even higher level. It's been system first, talent an afterthought
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 09 10:21AM -0700

Late bloomer or early bloomer, does that matter to Montreal. Other teams can break inrookie defencemen. I see little sign of tolerance of "rookie moments" changing while they have a pressbox full of veterans
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