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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: May 02 09:21AM -0400

The Mad Ape wrote:
> I'll say 4. Deliberate head shot to leagues best player.
> He had a history of headshots.
> http://scoutingtherefs.com/2014/10/4846/caps-niskanen-facing-suspension-elbow-
> Fry him.
Even with the one game of regular season suspension equals two
in the playoffs formula, I'd up that to five games.
Nasty hit plus a history. Regardless of who he hit, he should
fry AND broil.
Nyssa, who should be put in charge of Player Safety for the NHL
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 02 10:15AM -0700

No suspension. I think the use of a variable rule book or let them play actions by the Refs contributes to the ramping up of reckless play. When nothing is called players start pushing the limits of what the Refs will ignore. They let slashing, high sticking, cross checking pass. The delay in calling a 5 min major, indicates the Refs had to think about it. I wasn't surprised when they decided to turn the rule book back on when they nailed Malkin, taking away two minutes of the five minute man advantage
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: May 02 10:16AM -0700

Sounds like zero?
Not surprised, although I didn't see the incident. Officiating standards are so low in the playoffs I would expect it would take something quite extreme to warrant a suspension.
Mike <mike@gmail.com>: May 02 04:44PM -0300

On 05/01/2017 09:54 PM, The Mad Ape wrote:
> http://scoutingtherefs.com/2014/10/4846/caps-niskanen-facing-suspension-elbow-canes-skinner/
> Fry him.
I think I'm in the minority - 0 games I say. Crosby looked like he fell
awkwardly into Niskanen which caused him to lose balance. I think he put
out his arms in an instinct to brace himself and took the chance to clip
Crosby. On purposes? Yeah, probably but there's enough doubt in there
for me.
On this subject - it was bound to happen of course. The refs are doing
their usual put the whistle away and it leads to this nonsense. You
watch the parade of players to the box for the next couple days.
Said it many times - NHL refs are THE worst of any professional sport.
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