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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Carey <carey_1959@yahoo.com>: Aug 09 12:09PM -0700

calimero377@gmx.de: Aug 09 11:31AM -0700

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 3:02:51 AM UTC+2, bob wrote:
> the guy who released the google memo has been fired i believe. do you
> take diversity training in europe?
> bob
Diversity training? What the hell is that?
TennisGuy <TGuy@techsavvy.com>: Aug 09 01:47PM -0400

On 8/8/2017 10:17 PM, bob wrote:
>> Just like a million other people did.
> can you also post the last 5 games of the 08 wimbledon final?
> bob
What for, Federer lost.
This forum is dedicated to genuine true blue Fedfans.
*skriptis <skriptis@post.t-com.hr>: Aug 09 07:05PM +0200

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> Should have given the judge polonium, like putey, right shitpiss??
Polonium is for the espionage guys.
Have you watched James Bond? 007?
00 means license to kill. It's a spy world and executions are
perfectly normal there.
The guy who was allegedly poisoned with polonium was a former
Russian spy that defected to the British side. What do you
expect his fate should be?
I guess you're too stupid to understand it.
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TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: Aug 09 07:36PM +0300

TT kirjoitti 9.8.2017 klo 18:13:
> Yeah, good news!
> Lock him up!
"Law enforcement authorities seeking to obtain a search warrant must
generally establish to a judge that there is probable cause to believe
that a crime may have been committed."
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: Aug 09 05:20PM +0300

Brian W Lawrence kirjoitti 9.8.2017 klo 13:07:
> Why haven't you before?
> How will I know when you do?
> Who's Bryan?
Maybe he's talking about those annoying twins?
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