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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mike <mike@gmail.com>: Aug 10 03:49PM -0300

Is it just me or are most of the opinions on line (and articles) about
the defence just out to lunch? I've read several opinion pieces where
they have Alzner or Jerabek and even Benn as options to play on the #1
pairing with reasoning why it could work. Are these people nuts? This
team has a #1 D Man (Weber), a #2 pairing Dman (Petry) and 6 bottom
pairing guys. We can hope all we like that one of those bottom pairing
guys will be #1 pairing material but the long and short of it is simple
- they're not and they wont ever be. If they were it would have shown in
their play by now and they most assuredly would be playing elsewhere
making far more money than they are today.
Maybe its because I've come through the rose colored glasses phase of my
Habdom, having watched and hoped for every Hab team since the 70's with
great success until 2000 or so. Even then I couldn't take the glasses
off. The minute they hired Therrien I knew they were fucked though and I
tossed the glasses in the garbage. Lots of people knew it, Bargain Bin
Bergy did not and this is what we're left with in the wake of another
Therrien failure.
I sure hope they prove me wrong but I don't see this team as anything
more than a non-playoff team with the world's best goalie dragging them
into the playoffs. I sure do hope I'm wrong but like last year, I'm not
expecting much out of this lot. I don't care if they start 25-0-0. I
still will remain unconvinced until the playoffs roll around. As for
anyone in the current bottom 6 D Men being able to step up and play with
Weber? I'll eat my hat if any one them is capable of that.
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Aug 10 12:39PM -0700

I figure that even if they do somehow manage to be modestly successful with this group, it won't be much fun to watch. The grab bag of journeymen isn't how most people would ideally choose to build a defense. Each on his own has some useful traits, but all together it seems like too many variables. This time, they do have a good coach, however. And while he may have to deploy a style that makes watching paint dry seem more interesting, good coaching could make things go a little further than otherwise.
Or not.
I guess we'll see. But the revisionism and rose-coloured glasses do seem to be surprisingly prevalent out there.
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