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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>: Jul 15 11:11PM -0700

> Fox called it "Obamaphone" because that is what you libtards CALL IT!
> http://www.obamaphone.com/
> Now you can apologize for the "fake news" blunder.
What do you think that proves?
Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>: Jul 15 11:10PM -0700

On 2017-07-15 1:16 AM, Carbon wrote:
>> There could be quite a lot of evidence, Greg, but it wouldn't matter to
>> you. You ignore or attempt to minimize every new fact that comes out.
> I do wonder what it will take for these quislings to concede that their boy is a traitor...
It is an interesting study of human integrity versus ideology, isn't it?
"DumbedDownUSA" <dumb.america@gmail.com>: Jul 15 08:44AM

Dene wrote:
> the room.
> Who's making the smoke?
> Obviously the MSM.
OMG, it does your corner no favours when you show such ignorance.
The media may be guilty of shouting fire when all can be seen is
shrouded in smoke but that there is smoke is undeniable as is who is
blowing it.
"DumbedDownUSA" <dumb.america@gmail.com>: Jul 15 08:28AM

Alan Baker wrote:
> ...and what Republicans had to complain about when Obama was in the
> office:
A look back at times when being President meant something.
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