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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jul 11 01:02AM -0400

> Exactly. One / two tokes instead of a giant spliff.
> The issue is folks that don't realize the strength - have heard many stories, going back many years - started hearing them out of Amsterdam - around folks overdoing things (seems to mostly come from edibles - I think it'd be tough to smoke yourself to that state).
> Cheers.
Most of what we have been told are lies.
dotslashderek@gmail.com: Jul 10 10:22PM -0700

Well ÷=%÷, ken. I mean, it's not that I disagree.
It's just that following that train of thought gets me into a super depressing state-of-affairs - one where nearly every aspect of information dissemination has been tightly controlled for, like, ever... dude.
I mean you're suggesting that reefer madness level propoganda is alive and well, it just got really subtle.
Blowing my mind here dude.
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jul 11 01:41AM -0400

> I mean you're suggesting that reefer madness level propoganda is alive and well, it just got really subtle.
> Blowing my mind here dude.
> Cheers.
There are plenty of people who still believe the lies. Plus, the people
that benefit from the status quo.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jul 11 06:34AM -0700

Your brother is correct.
michael anderson <mianderson79@gmail.com>: Jul 10 09:28PM -0700

On Monday, July 10, 2017 at 10:36:58 PM UTC-5, Con Reeder, unhyphenated American wrote:
> They have differing incentives, but none of them include incentives to
> be transparent in price.
If you asked me I could tell you in 2 seconds what each of my codes pay. A lot of providers for at least their most common codes could do the same thing.
So from the provider end, I don't neccessarily buy this.
Perhaps from the hospital end it's different.
tim.vanwagonerspam@gmail.com: Jul 10 10:09PM -0700

I'll just leave this here, and a note that in at least half of the states hospitals have to disclose their prices if you call. Very few patients call.
Eagle@bellsouth.net (J. Hugh Sullivan): Jul 11 01:31PM

On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 20:28:24 -0700 (PDT), michael anderson
>what is it with this viewpoint you have that doctors, hospitals, and insure=
>rs are on the same side? I can most definately state that that is not usua=
>lly the case.
I agree - with examples...
My GP can't even admit patients to the hospital or see them there -
his choice. But that's fine - the hospital is always my last choice.
My kidney doctor has his own facility but he has admittance
privileges. My heart doctor left the hospital and opened his own
place. The hospital handled that poorly and I told them so
All three believe Medicare cheats them out of income and causes them
to hire more employees to do government paper work than those who help
treat people with problems.
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xyzzy <xyzzy.dude@gmail.com>: Jul 11 04:53AM -0700

I got the news alert this morning, surprised not sooner.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jul 11 06:31AM -0700

Not sooner? I poasted it yesterday.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jul 11 04:57AM -0700

JGibson <james.m.gibson@gmail.com>: Jul 11 05:54AM -0700

> https://evans.uw.edu/sites/default/files/NBER%20Working%20Paper.pdf
"Damon Hynes, Cyclone Ranger" <damonhynes@gmail.com>: Jul 11 06:11AM -0700

The minimum wage should be zero.
"wolfie" <bgbdwolf@gte.net>: Jul 11 09:24AM -0400

"Damon Hynes, Cyclone Ranger" wrote
> The minimum wage should be zero.
Didn't figure you for one who wants to expand
the welfare state.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jul 11 06:26AM -0700

The minimum wage is and always has been zero.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jul 11 06:31AM -0700

You posted a press release and an opinion piece referencing the press release.
I'll read the research when I get time. I suggest you read both papers too.
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jul 11 03:30AM -0400

unclejr <watsona64@gmail.com>: Jul 11 06:02AM -0700

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 2:30:58 AM UTC-5, Ken Olson wrote:
> http://mihsislander.org/2017/06/full-transcript-james-mattis-interview/
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jul 11 03:32AM -0700

Not looking good for ol' Bob.
unclejr <watsona64@gmail.com>: Jul 11 06:01AM -0700

On Monday, July 10, 2017 at 10:39:09 PM UTC-5, RoddyMcCorley wrote:
> Given the amount of points Tennessee's defense gave up last season, UT
> ought to file a suit against Stoops to get their money back. He is no
> John Chavis.
He also retired recently from Oklahoma.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jul 11 03:34AM -0700

Now this is a high quality shiny hook. No apparent angle. Just a topic.
You'll have two fish killing each other just to get gut hooked by this.
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jul 11 06:19AM -0400

dotslashderek@gmail.com: Jul 10 10:15PM -0700

On Monday, July 10, 2017 at 10:03:37 PM UTC-5, Michael Press wrote:
> > It doesn't particularly tell us a great deal(relative to other metrics) about how effective a pitcher was or how much value he brought to the team.
> I need a close, well reasoned, argument and tons of data before
> entertaining your assertion. Until then, W-L is a meaningful statistic.
Maybe he'll get lucky and breitbart will post one he can copy n paste.
dotslashderek@gmail.com: Jul 10 10:13PM -0700

That you're in a physical reality - say, like, the one we all assume we're in right now.
Now imagine that within that "universe", you can create a virtual reality that greatly mimics the existing physical reality. And can create artificial "minds" - AIs - to inhabit that virtual reality. They think they're real.
Ha - dumbass AIs. More likely, you get a big game of Life (super cellular version) to take off and the AIs sort of evolve.
Whatever, you have AIs.
Now assume that those AIs are enterprising enough to create their own virtual reality - a nested VR. And AIs to inhabit their artificial realm. Or their own version of Conway. Whatever.
Assume that all that is possible.
What's the probability that you and I are inhabiting the first, *truly* physical reality?
To answer that, you have to start thinking about the limiting factors to "infinite" nested virtual realities. Cuz, if they're actually infinite, that probability becomes vanishingly small. Like, approaching zero y'all.
That's small!
I suggest that your limitations would be around "graining" - each nested reality would necessarily be less "fine-grained" than it's parent.
Thusly and non-importantly, I give you the measure of where you and I reside in this onion. The Planck limits.
Hth. Hand.
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: Jul 10 09:25PM -0700

The good news is oSu is clearly on the verge of winning an NCAA football NC.
The bad news is how I know this: Earth faces "biological annihilation" in sixth mass extinction, scientists warn
dotslashderek@gmail.com: Jul 10 09:58PM -0700

Oh course. Dued, you can't expect an uber-apex-predator to take its mantle without a little shake-up.
Making omelets and all that. Eggs gonna be cracked.
Here's the cool thing - we're the first known super-predator with the ability to bring it's prey back...
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