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Friday, July 7, 2017

Chuck Spears <fishbowl2011@gmail.com>: Jul 07 02:56PM +0100

On 06/07/2017 15:37, Nark wrote:
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Player transfers between the top five or six premiership clubs are
becoming fairly rare these days simply because those clubs would rather
take a financial hit than give a rival a possible advantage. So looking
below the top six clubs Lukaku is a consistent, if not spectacular goal
scorer. It wont be for the want of goal scoring chances, if last season
is anything to go by, that he will fail to improve his 25 goals last
season. So many games last season left me wondering how United had only
drawn a game. £75M is what it takes, it would seem, to get a reliable
goal scorer from another Premiership club, when they all have so much
Sometimes the hype that players from abroad carry is based on the fact
that we tend to see only their goals, we don't see all the chances they
miss. Lukaku looks like a good signing to me and at 24 should have his
best years ahead of him..
Nark <Nark@shitter.com>: Jul 07 10:56AM +0100

On 06/07/2017 17:48, Rafalution wrote:
> The only lies were told by *PROJECT FEAR* who lied that if we voted
> Brexit there would be a recession and even WW3 !!!
> FAF !!!
The only lies like £350m to the NHS each week?
Or the lies about financial companies moving from the city, or nurse
shortages, or increase in racial crimes, or the fall in £, or the
increase in food prices, or the drop in incomes, or UK students excluded
from Erasmus (look it up) program - oh, wait, they are all actually
happening now.
Project REALITY, more like. And its only the start unless we stop this
Brexshit stupidity.
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