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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: Jul 09 10:30AM -0400

The hockey gods must have read my last post about not having any
hockey books to read on my Kindle.
I just checked the forum for free Kindle books on Amazon and lo and
behold the following:
There's a Shark in My Hockey Pool
Fantasy hockey just got real. Two bitter collegiate rivals, now
Toronto ad men, draft hockey teams for a game to determine the
winner of a lucrative government contract. On a wing and a prayer,
Derek Marcotte scrapes together a motley crew of puck chasers. His
marketing firm May-Ja-Look hangs in the balance, his pillow is
double-parked and his knee mutters revenge with each waking step.
It's enough to make you part with your favorite hockey card. Drop
the puck already!
Yes, I grabbed a copy while it's free. I have no idea if it's
any good, but the price is right and so is the subject.
Nyssa, who hopes some other newsgroupers can grab while it's
free too
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: Jul 09 10:06AM -0400

Mike wrote:
>> Cup runs in her collection
> I have the same set - some memorable games on there for us
> oldtimers.
Very true, although I might have picked a different Memorable
Game or two instead of the ones they did. I would have preferred
more older games than the newer ones. More Bruins-Habs conflicts!
I also have a Devils Final in my collection and the Lightning
Final. I really wish I could find a DVD of the Avs Final when
Bourque won, but it seems the NHL didn't make one. Stupid move!
Plus I've got a few of the Olympic medal games on DVD from
2006 that are homemade rather than purchased so have all
the commercials and chatter.
Plenty to watch if I get desperate enough.
Meanwhile I'm reading a lot on my Kindle to the point where
I need to recharge it every day. Too bad I don't have any
hockey books on it. ;)
Nyssa, who wishes she could watch a DVD or read a Kindle while
mowing the lawn so it wouldn't be so boring a job
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