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Saturday, July 8, 2017

zip by <kilgore@trout.com>: Jul 08 12:17PM -0400

Managed to see the last scrimmage of the development camp this past
week and here is a small report.
I have to say that the facility in Brossard is huge - 2 rinks and an
indoor soccer field - lots of nice vantage points for the fans.
It was also a lot of fun. The scrimmages were high tempo. Very
entertaining, so a visit there if you ever get the opportunity is
Only a handful of players stood out for me: Sherbak looked very good, I
am hoping for a productive season in Laval. Juulsen very solid on D as
was Bourque. Mete had some nice moments as well.
The player that caught my eye every time he was on the ice was Ikonen -
looks like a real keeper - great hands, shifty skating, sees the ice
very well. He made a beautiful cross ice pass to set up one goal. On
another he was doing a Gallagher like screening job on the opposing
goalie. Hustles all the time. Well worth keeping an eye on his progress
with Frolunda.
Another guy who made good plays and had a lot of speed and hustle was
Evans - could turn into a good sleeper pick.
Also was impressed with Cayden Primeau - very big in the net - great
The other draft picks played well but not as impressive as the above.
There were also a number of "try out" players - only 1 stood out for
speed and skill: Zerter-Gossage. Worth keeping an eye on his career in
All in all a nice visit - looking forward to rookie camp - y'all have a
nice summer.
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: Jul 08 03:15PM -0400

zip by wrote:
> keeping an eye on his career in Harvard.
> All in all a nice visit - looking forward to rookie camp -
> y'all have a nice summer.
Thanks for the report! I'm jealous that you made it up there
and got a look-see.
Sounds like there are a few promising kids in the mix, I'm
just hoping beyond hope that whatever talent and creativity
(and enthusiasm) isn't driven out of them by the lackluster
coaching staff at Laval. And the big team for that matter.
Less than three months to go! I'm already having withdrawal
symptoms. I may have to break out some DVDs to watch old
games from my set of 10 Most Memorable Games in Canadiens
History or a Stanley Cup Final from recent years to take
the edge off.
Nyssa, who wishes that one of those Memorable Games were
been from a recent Stanley Cup Final
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Jul 08 01:27PM -0700

I wasn't smart enough to put my highlights on DVD in time, alas. I had highlights VCR tapes going back to the '86 playoffs, but those tapes are all dead now alas. :'(
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: Jul 08 07:48PM -0400

Gerry wrote:
> playoffs, but those tapes are all dead now alas. :'(
> l8r,
> Gerry
This is a boxed set of DVDs of the 10 Most Memorable games.
I managed to snag a set on Amazon's marketplace used for
under $10. A steal! It includes a game against the Red Army
team and the 1965 Final winning game which is also the
Rocket's last game. Beliveau looks like a giant next to
the rest of the team.
There is also a similar set out for the Leaves, but the prices
are higher when and if you can find them offered. Dunno why.
Maybe because Leafs memorable games are so hard to find in
the first place. lol
Nyssa, who also has a couple of sets of Red Wings Stanley
Cup runs in her collection
Mike <mike@gmail.com>: Jul 08 11:05PM -0300

On 2017-07-08 08:48 PM, Nyssa wrote:
> the first place. lol
> Nyssa, who also has a couple of sets of Red Wings Stanley
> Cup runs in her collection
I have the same set - some memorable games on there for us oldtimers.
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Jul 08 01:34PM -0700

Markov to the Preds?
Check out who is flanking him at his wedding the other day (two Preds):
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Jul 08 04:47AM -0700

So there's no way to avoid having Hudon pass through waivers unless you just keep him up on the Habs. There's no timing or handshaking that can avoid this.
Now, sometimes there are injuries in camp, and if injuries stack up just so, you could maybe float extra players indefinitely while other players are on IR. But you can't really count on this. And would rather not have players perpetually on IR.
And of course, it's true you could just ditch a "scrub" instead, like Martinsen. Although I honestly think the Habs at this point would prefer Martinsen's size and 4th line/spare grinding than risking Hudon. Alas.
I just get the impression that Jagr's production is largely illusory, in that the small handful of times I saw the Panthers, I thought, wow, that guy just can't play anymore. He has the hands and standing still he's as dangerous as any other player standing still in the league. But not much of the game is played standing still. The Panthers let him go out there, on good lines, didn't care if he slowed everything down, and... they weren't a very successful team.
But that's kind of a throwaway scouting report, I admit, because it's just impressions from a TV viewer in a small number of games, who wasn't really paying that much attention. I could be totally exaggerating his weaknesses and overlooking his strengths. His stats and hero charts and all that are actually quite good. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, for sure, especially *if* the Habs signed him.
But I wouldn't make an effort or a spot in the lineup specifically to accommodate him. As 4th line/grinder/spare, I'd rather have Martinsen. As middle-six scoring winger, I'd rather have Hudon. There's no spot on the roster today where I'd rather have Jagr.
So Vanek is actually a younger and better version of Jagr at this juncture in time, IMHO. Now, I wouldn't go after Vanek either. But I guess I'm saying that if an opening did appear, I'd also probably be able to find a leftover UFA that I preferred to Jagr as well. I know there's "mystique" and appreciation for Jagr, in terms of his personality, his career accomplishments, all that. I just feel like maybe some of that is colouring the view of him as a player at 45. That he's even able to play and contribute in the NHL at this age is amazing as it is. Legendary. But as an NHL manager, I'd have to be even more desperate than even the Habs are to consider Jagr.
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