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Monday, June 12, 2017

DavidW <no@email.provided>: Jun 12 04:47PM +1000

On 12-Jun-17 12:25 AM, StephenJ wrote:
> have decided to pardon him." Would that exercise of the president's
> constitutional power to pardon constitute a criminal obstruction of
> justice? Of course not. Presidents do that all the time."
What a terrible justification. He gets off on a technicality and that's
okay? I can't believe that the American people believe it's okay for a
presidential campaign to collude with a foreign power to influence an
election, or would condone presidential interference into an FBI
investigation into such an activity. What sort of a government do you
want, anyway?
Federer Fanatic <TheRelentlessTide@nospam.invalid>: Jun 12 02:47AM -0500

On Sun, 11 Jun 2017 17:40:12 -0700 (PDT), calimero377@gmx.de <calimero377@gmx.de> wrote:
| On Monday, June 12, 2017 at 2:25:32 AM UTC+2, Federer Fanatic wrote:
|> On Sun, 11 Jun 2017 14:41:50 -0700 (PDT), calimero377@gmx.de <calimero377@gmx.de> wrote:
|> | On Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 11:06:26 PM UTC+2, Federer Fanatic wrote:
|> |> On Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:28:38 -0700 (PDT), calimero377@gmx.de <calimero377@gmx.de> wrote:
|> |> | On Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 9:56:44 PM UTC+2, jdeluise wrote:
|> |> |> On Sun, 11 Jun 2017 15:48:28 -0400, bob wrote:
|> |> |>
|> |> |> > no, it's not. comey was slipping into the abyss over the course of an
|> |> |> > entire year or more. i liked him, but he wasn't cut out for the job.
|> |> |>
|> |> |> Sure... you liked him when he was vocally investigating Hillary, not so
|> |> |> much when he was investigating your associates of your hero. Typical.
|> |> |
|> |> | Comey let Hilary skate. For this alone he deserved to be fired.
|> |> | Incredible that she isn't in prison. Could join a cell with the orange clown. Despicable persons both.
|> |> |
|> |> |
|> |> | Max
|> |>
|> |>
|> |> Do you like Merkel? I.E., as a leader of modern Germany? She seems to enjoy her position of power.
|> |
|> |
|> | Yes, I like her. The best German (even european?) politician in a generation. Always voted for her (or for the Free Democrats if they were willing to form a coalition with her CDU party).
|> | And no, she doesn't seem to enjoy her position. Typical Protestant.
|> |
|> | Max
|> So she is the reluctant leader?
| No.
|> She likes beer?
| Lol, why would she like beer?
| Max
Various pics on the internet?
*skriptis <skriptis@post.t-com.hr>: Jun 12 10:55AM +0200

> election, or would condone presidential interference into an FBI
> investigation into such an activity. What sort of a government do you
> want, anyway?
For the people and world peace, perhaps?
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StephenJ <stephenj@flex.com>: Jun 12 06:34AM -0400

On 6/12/2017 12:13 AM, Brian W Lawrence wrote:
> of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in
> history."
> IOW if Congress decides it's a 'crime' it is a crime.
That is true. Congress can impeach any federal official for any reason
they want. But surely, when defining whether something is an impeachable
offense, members of Congress consider whether an actual crime has been
committed or not.
StephenJ <stephenj@flex.com>: Jun 12 06:40AM -0400

On 6/12/2017 12:00 AM, Brian W Lawrence wrote:
> 'crime'. I doubt he'd want to do that."
> It could, and no doubt would, be denied that a 'crime' was being
> acknowledged, but what would public opinion be like?
No question, Presidents are often criticized for their pardons.
Frequently they are accused of letting personal friends or political
allies off the hook, of pandering to valued constituencies (e.g. Obama
pardoning Chelsea Manning). That's why they often do a raft of them at
the very end of their last term in office, when they are heading out the
door and it can't do them any political damage.
But what the public reaction might be and what the president's powers
are, are two different things. In this case, the president can
per-emptively pardon someone who is only being investigated for possibly
having done something.
*skriptis <skriptis@post.t-com.hr>: Jun 12 11:03AM +0200

> It's well known that grass court greats like McEnroe, Edberg and Becker stopped Lendl. Let's imagine for a second that McEnroe got injured in 1983 semis. And Lendl goes on to destroy the hapless Chris Lewis in the final. And the rest would be history. He wouldn't be too desperate and nervous to win it. Actually win AO on grass and not skip any FO. One match could change an entire career.
A one push on a button somewhere in America or Russia can change
the world too.
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StephenJ <stephenj@flex.com>: Jun 12 06:31AM -0400

On 6/11/2017 9:07 PM, soccerfan777 wrote:
>> They are regularly omitted from conversations. But they played in an time where professionals weren't allowed to play at Wimbledon. Not their fault. Sounds like they were probably good enough to win at least once and are given benefit of doubt.
>> Lendl, ouch. What from I've seen on TV, nice guy. Funny guy. But no Wimbledon, no goat.
> Agree to disagree then. For me he is there with Federer, Connors, MecEnroe, Borg and Nadal.
How can a guy with 8 slams including zero W be "there" with guys with
11, 15, and 18 slams? That's really poor thinking.
StephenJ <stephenj@flex.com>: Jun 12 06:32AM -0400

> On 6/11/2017 11:08 PM, soccerfan777 wrote:
> It's well known that grass court greats like McEnroe, Edberg and Becker stopped Lendl.
Pat Cash stopped Lendl too.
*skriptis <skriptis@post.t-com.hr>: Jun 12 10:48AM +0200

>> BOAT.
> Djokovic has a claim to HC BOAT?
> He has 6 AOs and 2 USOs vs Federer's 5 AOs and 5 USOs. Djokovic isn't the hc BOAT/GOAT/SCHMOAT/or whatever else you want to call it.
Muster had a claim for clay boat even with 1 FO.
You're clueless about boat and what it means.
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John Liang <jliang70@gmail.com>: Jun 12 03:09AM -0700

On Monday, June 12, 2017 at 7:01:02 PM UTC+10, *skriptis wrote:
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Look who is posting this type of rubbish. Muster had a claim for clay boat ? The guys was a dominating figure on clay for that 1 year and he won 12 tournaments, other than two master series events on clay and FO in 1995, he just went on to play little clay court tournaments that top players did not even bother to turn up when majority of them were playing Wimbledon or preparing for USO on hard court. When we talked about great clay court players during that era Muster would be well behind Guga, Bruguera and Courier. Good on Muster for winning Umag, Kitzbuel, San Marino, Estoril but they are not comparable to a FO even Muster win 24 of them in a season.
John Liang <jliang70@gmail.com>: Jun 12 03:20AM -0700

On Monday, June 12, 2017 at 7:01:02 PM UTC+10, *skriptis wrote:
> > Djokovic has a claim to HC BOAT?
> > He has 6 AOs and 2 USOs vs Federer's 5 AOs and 5 USOs. Djokovic isn't the hc BOAT/GOAT/SCHMOAT/or whatever else you want to call it.
> Muster had a claim for clay boat even with 1 FO.
So Krajecek must also have a claim for grass boat with that 1 Wimbledon titles too if we follow your logic.
"Pelle Svanslös" <pelle@svans.los>: Jun 12 01:13PM +0300

On 11.6.2017 23:27, Jason White wrote:
>> But what Rafa did today was historic. And the goddamn way he did it!
>> Incredibly strong performance.
> God has constructed the perfect clay court player.
Rafa's wheels fell off when the biopass was introduced. That was
followed by a period during which Rafa barely had the stamina to hit a
FH past the net or finish matches. Then the stamina is back in 30 days
prior to last years RG. A mysterious "injury" takes him out of RG,
another long break after which Rafa has been peakity peak.
My hunch is, God is barely involved.
Rafa's going to have busy July BTW. Wimbledon 3-16.7, The Bachelot trial
7.7 -->. Maybe Toni's already making offers Bachelot can't refuse?
Tim <firemonkey@gatty.co.uk>: Jun 12 10:57AM +0100

On 12/06/2017 03:11, Patrick Kehoe wrote:
> Yes! Just incredible...
> P
Clown era for clay? How many top notch clay specialists are out there?
Is it any wonder Rafa has been cleaning up the clay trophies?
Please support mental health research and world community grid
*skriptis <skriptis@post.t-com.hr>: Jun 12 11:07AM +0200

>> That would be great ! :)
> There's already been a Polish pope.
There was already a imposter pope too.
That's why they check him upon election, whether he has balls or not.
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Whisper <beaver999@ozemail.com>: Jun 12 06:09PM +1000

On 12/06/2017 5:23 AM, DavidW wrote:
> Most players would be dying to win their first tour title at any
> tournament, but not Ostapenko and now she's gone straight to a slam for
> her first one.
Awesome. Hope she keeps this up & annoys Bouchard & Sharapova.
: )
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DavidW <no@email.provided>: Jun 12 07:20PM +1000

On 12-Jun-17 6:09 PM, Whisper wrote:
>> for her first one.
> Awesome. Hope she keeps this up & annoys Bouchard & Sharapova.
> : )
I don't mind Bouchard or Sharapova, but I agree it's awesome. I'm
looking forward to more of Ostapenko shaking things up.
*skriptis <skriptis@post.t-com.hr>: Jun 12 10:52AM +0200

>> P
> I think Trump will issue an executive order instructing that Sharapova be
> given a direct entry in the main draw at USO. She's Russian, y'know! :-)
He'll finally give some ammo for impeachment. Interfering with
grand slam.
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arahim <arahim_arahim@hotmail.com>: Jun 12 01:13AM -0700

Federer 49+25+4+15=93
Sampras 49+25+0+6= 80
Nadal 14+10+40+3=67
Borg 35+0+24+0=59
Djokovic 21+10+4+18=53
arahim <arahim_arahim@hotmail.com>: Jun 12 12:45AM -0700

Counting up to the FO this is Nadal's best year results wise: Finalist at AO and winner at FO; He had the same results in 2012 and 2014 but in 2014 he only had one master's win (he has two so far this year). He had two in 2012 but this year he made an additional final. For the remaining parts of 2012 and 2014 Nadal was basically absent (no shows at USO, early exits at Wimbledon and except for one all remaining masters skipped). This year he does not seem to be in a state to quit for the remainder of the year. Additionally with Djokovic and Murray still not at their best can Nadal turn it around on Grass and second half of the season to have his best year ever (FO, W, USO in 2010)?
Bharath Purohit <acebharath@gmail.com>: Jun 11 11:55PM -0700

Go fuck yourself court_1 🤣😂😂🤣
John Liang <jliang70@gmail.com>: Jun 12 12:03AM -0700

On Monday, June 12, 2017 at 1:42:55 PM UTC+10, Bharath Purohit wrote:
> This was the 50th French open tournament. Nadal has won 10 of those.
> Yup.
In another 50 years that will drop to 10%.
arahim <arahim_arahim@hotmail.com>: Jun 12 12:24AM -0700

On Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 8:50:36 PM UTC-7, Court_1 wrote:
> Stop posting all of this crap about Nadal. On this ng everybody hates Nadal
I don't think everybody else here hates Nadal. He is easily considered the best on clay. His resilience is admired. He is considered the one hole in Federer's resume.
except for TT(who idolizes him) and myself. You're wasting your time. Nobody thinks he's the GOAT except TT and his views about Nadal are delusional. Bob, Whisper, etc. don't really like Nadal, they only want him to surpass Fed's records because they resent Fed so much for stealing Sampras' thunder.
Nadal just went past Sampras slam count.
Manuel aka Xax <xamigax@gmail.com>: Jun 12 12:06AM -0700

Le lundi 12 juin 2017 01:22:30 UTC+2, bob a écrit :
> yes, but on tv they showed him speaking a few phrases in french just
> before the victory speech.
> bob
And it was all sounding "playback", if you see what I mean.
bmoore@nyx.net: Jun 11 10:53PM -0700

BRANCHBURG, N.J. — President Trump is considering scrapping or postponing a planned visit to Britain this year amid a billowing backlash over comments he made after the recent terrorist attack in London, two administration officials said.
Over the past week, Mr. Trump has expressed increasing skepticism to aides about the trip after coming under intense criticism for a misleading charge that he leveled against London's mayor, Sadiq Khan. A day after terrorists killed eight people in the British capital, Mr. Trump went after Mr. Khan on Twitter, saying the mayor had played down the danger to citizens in the wake of the assault.
soccerfan777 <zepfloyes@gmail.com>: Jun 11 03:30PM -0700

Nadal is a great player. And he tips well... unlike a certain Stimpy
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