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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>: Jun 15 12:16AM -0700

On 2017-06-14 6:55 PM, David Laville wrote:
>> You DO realize that Obama was, and is , LIAR OF THE YEAR?
> But what Bush did or didn't do was totally relevant to everything
> Obama tried to do for 8 years.
No. Bush's destruction of the US economy WAS relevant to the early days
of Obama's administration.
"John B." <johnb505@gmail.com>: Jun 14 06:32PM -0700

On Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 7:05:45 PM UTC-4, Alan Baker wrote:
> ...so I'm asking you what the mechanics of that actually were.
> "Mr. So and So, my question to you is..."
> "I decline to answer..."
Name one.
"DumbedDownUSA" <dumb.america@gmail.com>: Jun 15 06:13AM

Alan Baker wrote:
> executive privilege] as an authority for an action"
> He doesn't have to be the one who has the privilege to invoke it...
> ...but he does need instruction from the president in order to use it.
AIUI only the president can invoke executive privilege. It is not
unusual for offices/officers to defer answers prior to referring to the
white house thus giving the president the opportunity to invoke in
There is a huge difference between deferring a resposnse and refusing
to respond. the later is what happened and the possible use of
executive privilege is simply an exceuse not to answer unless the
individual actual intends to refer to the WH for permission to respond.
I haven't seen anything suggesting that session intends to respond.
IOW all the benefits of the privilege while still being able to deny
invoking same.
Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>: Jun 15 12:15AM -0700

On 2017-06-14 6:32 PM, John B. wrote:
>> "Mr. So and So, my question to you is..."
>> "I decline to answer..."
> Name one.
You're seriously claiming that no witness has ever invoked executive
privilege, John?
Dene <gdstrue@aol.com>: Jun 14 07:53PM -0700

On 6/14/2017 6:38 PM, John B. wrote:
> Mueller is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice.
> This is obviously fake news made up by the lying, liberal press.
> https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/special-counsel-is-investigating-trump-for-possible-obstruction-of-justice/2017/06/14/9ce02506-5131-11e7-b064-828ba60fbb98_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-banner-low_trumpmueller625pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.4fe897624431
Still no story. Of course they are investigating the damning words of
"I hope" and it will lead nowhere.
Don't believe me...check what Dershowitz, a fellow liberal, has to say
about the matter.
One more thing...it didn't take CNN long to move from the crazed Bernie
gunman shooter to this non-story.
Tomorrow, it will be 80% Russia...Russia..Russia.
Carbon <nobrac@nospam.tampabay.rr.com>: Jun 14 11:15PM -0400

On 06/14/2017 10:53 PM, Dene wrote:
> One more thing...it didn't take CNN long to move from the crazed Bernie
> gunman shooter to this non-story.
> Tomorrow, it will be 80% Russia...Russia..Russia.
If these accusations were being made about a Democratic administration you hypocrites would all be foaming at the mouth.
David Laville <dlaville@bellsouth.net>: Jun 14 09:46PM -0500

On Wed, 14 Jun 2017 21:30:34 -0400, Carbon
>> Wow, that's really surprising. Normally violent political extremists come from the right.
>> Really....your explanation of the violent protests in Portland, Berkeley, etc.?
>Oh, of course. How could these horrible events possibly compare to the Oklahoma City bombing? Or to Eric Rudolph and all the other anti-abortion nutters who terrorized abortion clinics for years? For the love of all that's holy, let's keep some perspective here.
This was an attempt at humor, right? All you can name is two and that
is supposed to pass as "normal"?
How about this;
A democrat killed 13 people at Fort Hood.
A democrat shot Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
A democrat killed 12 people in a movie theater.
A democrat killed 7 people in Minneapolis.
A democrat killed 26 people at a school in Newton, Ct.
A democrat shot 12 people at a Navy ship yard.
And this was just during the Obama administration.......
Carbon <nobrac@nospam.tampabay.rr.com>: Jun 14 08:34PM -0400

On 06/14/2017 03:15 PM, Alan Baker wrote:
> person is or what favor they're trying to buy," said Jack Blum, a
> Washington attorney specializing in offshore tax evasion and financial
> crime and former staff lawyer for two U.S. Senate committees.'

Trump will probably get away with it. He'll get the boot for collusion and obstruction and the powers that be will just be happy to be rid of him.
"Willie Brennan" <bbren@aol.com>: Jun 14 05:13PM -0400

"Alan Baker" wrote in message news:ohs0gb$1p0c$2@gioia.aioe.org...
On 2017-06-14 11:40 AM, Willie Brennan wrote:
> How long now?
1. This is not a "wild goose chase" started by the Democrats.
> No collusion found....yet.
>2. No evidence of collusion has been made public.
If it were there, Shit Stain, it would have been leaked.....long ago.
Now run along and fuck off.
If you were dead, the world would be a better place. And I would smile.
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