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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: Jun 27 05:41PM -0700

Article with available details out of CNN
who are being very secretive.
Michael Press
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:53PM -0700

Fake news on fake news.
CtrlAltDel <altiemcd@aol.com>: Jun 28 02:46AM

On Tue, 27 Jun 2017 17:53:45 -0700, Some dued wrote:
> Fake news on fake news.
As far as I know, Breitbart is the most honest, trustworthy and dedicated
news source out there. Care to illuminate the chat room on Breitbart
fake stories?
CNN, NBC, CBS, etc...'s biggest problem is that they feel it is their
sworn duty, as reporters, to have Trump removed from office. It's
something very akin to religiosity for them and they really do feel as if
they are beacons of light eradicating infection.
Once you feel a moral obligation to frame a sitting president, by any
means necessary for the good of all mankind, exasperating issues like
honesty are only minor annoyances.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: Jun 27 02:46PM -0700

In article <51e7db57-c36d-477b-885e-020f1379d393@googlegroups.com>,
> > Now you get to decide what people are worth; you, the perfect
> > authoritarian.
> Cool if I get cancer I'll go to the ER for all my treatments thanks for the tip.
Why are you telling me this?
Michael Press
medavis5@gmail.com: Jun 27 02:55PM -0700

On Monday, June 26, 2017 at 3:28:08 PM UTC-4, GrtArtiste wrote:
> more! National Debt? What National Debt???
> See how easy that was? You're welcome.
> GrtArtiste
Hmmm, since you're a registered Deadbeat, I wonder who paid for saving your life.
I'll grant you your wish to refrain from reaping the benefits of Modern Healthcare. Can we get a wallet card for people who object to paying a dime because it doesn't meet their political beliefs? As in, "this dumbass had a heart attack and is unconscious - normally we'd treat him and decent people would pay the price, but his beliefs preclude us from accepting him to the ED".
You don't want to be forced to pay for ACA. Fine. You're exempt. Since you're unable to pay for your healthcare otherwise, "you don't get no healthcare". ($1 to Caddyshack).
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:43PM -0700

If you get cancer, who should pay for your treatments?
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:54PM -0700

The ER, cause they will (according to jhs)
JGibson <james.m.gibson@gmail.com>: Jun 27 07:42PM -0700

> If you get cancer, who should pay for your treatments?
> Why?
All of us because that's what a civilized society does.
CtrlAltDel <altiemcd@aol.com>: Jun 28 02:36AM

Democrats plan to crash the party at the Gettysburg anniversary
celebration. They are planning to seek out only the graves of the rotten
filth rednecks to desecrate.
The idea is to shame the white patriarchy into giving away all their
wealth and possessions so that white privilege shall no longer rule our
During the first days of July, 154 years ago, a great battle was fought
in and around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during our Civil War.
Today, as the anniversary approaches, members of the so-called "Antifa"
movement are promising to "desecrate" the graves of those who fell in
that fight and to mount protests as Americans gather to memorialize the
Gettysburg has become a great attraction for Americans, many of whom
troop there annually to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of
Gettysburg, a conflagration that is often termed the "high tide" of the
civil war for turning the war in favor of the federal armies vying to end
slavery and save the union.
But as the 154th-anniversary celebration gears up for the coming month,
leftists are making plans for a battle of their own. Only they plan to
fight against the country, to "desecrate" history, and to disrupt the
thousands of Americans and foreign visitors who intend to honor our past.
Gettysburg town officials, as well as the federal battlefield park
officials, have acknowledged warnings that several protest groups are
targeting the annual celebration this year, according to Philly.com.
Several legitimate and long-existing groups have attained permits to
gather, including the Sons of Confederate Veterans. But others are
planning protests without attaining permits, the paper reports.
According to Harrisbirg 100, at least one "Antifa" group began informing
supporters that they intended to burn Confederate and American flags in
the town. The site cited an EventBu page advertising the protest. The
event listing, though, was soon deleted.
A civil war enthusiast page also found two Facebook pages advertising
protests to be held at Gettysburg. After being discovered, though, those
pages were also quickly deleted.
One of the warnings read:
There is an event set up on Facebook that calls for the desecration
of Confederate cemeteries on Confederate Memorial Day. Specifically, on
Saturday, May 13, 3-6 PM, this group intends to target Old Marietta
Confederate Cemetery. They intend to burn CBFs and/or urinate on graves.
They also have an event scheduled for July 1, 3-6 PM, at Gettysburg
National Memorial Park Cemetery… The group urges their followers to "find
their local Confederate graves" to desecrate.
Park officials say that while they are all for our First Amendment
rights, they are prepared for disruptions.
"Our goal is to ensure that public safety and visitor safety is number
one and that park resources are preserved," said Katie Lawhon, a
spokeswoman for Gettysburg National Military Park.
Gettysburg remains the largest battle ever held on American soil with
more than 160,000 troops fighting over a three-day period that resulted
in up to 51,000 casualties. It is also one of America's first battlefield
parks and contains some 1,328 monuments, markers, and memorials in both
the cemetery and on the battlefield to commemorate the Union and
Confederate troops who fought and died there.
Gettysburg is also being targeted by liberal groups that have been on a
crusade to eliminate any vestige of the Confederacy from American
history. Liberals have already successfully whitewashed history by
removing Confederate memorials in New Orleans, and St. Louis, and they
are beginning the same process in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Should members of the "Antifa" movement carry out their plan to desecrate
the graves of soldiers who fell at Gettysburg, they will join the Taliban,
ISIS, and Turkish Islamists who have launched a campaign to destroy
historic sites and desecrate graves of their enemies.
Islamists have desecrated graves in Pakistan, damaged the Tomb of Joseph
in Palestinian controlled Nablus, destroyed a monument to the sacrifices
made by troops of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli,
Turkey during the First World War, dynamited the Bymian statues in
Afghanistan, and laid waste to the ancient cities of Hatra and Nimrud in
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jun 27 04:14PM -0400

> I'm literally sitting by one right now.
Be calm, Mr. Smith. This too will soon pass.
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jun 27 04:11PM -0400

On 6/26/2017 9:02 PM, wolfie wrote:
> You should go to Somalia. They don't have anything like those things
> there, total non-government free market.
> You're bound to think it's a paradise.
Reducto Absurdum is a liberal specialty.
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jun 27 04:12PM -0400

> Somalia?
> What has their govt done?
Ceased to exist?
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:44PM -0700

I've told the story here or my grand courtyard design with sidewalks from here and yon only to return long after completion to find paths in the grass where my sidewalks didn't account for particular traffic patterns.
xyzzy <xyzzy.dude@gmail.com>: Jun 27 06:29PM -0700

> I've told the story here or my grand courtyard design with sidewalks from here and yon only to return long after completion to find paths in the grass where my sidewalks didn't account for particular traffic patterns.
You're describing the drillfield at Virginia Tech.
No matter how many additional paths they pave, students create new ones.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:50PM -0700

I'm fine with that. When it makes sense, someone will provide a product th market demands.
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:56PM -0700

We should institute mob rule too, if the mob wants it, it'll get done. What a simple world.
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: Jun 27 09:17PM -0400

On 6/27/2017 8:56 PM, Some dued wrote:
> We should institute mob rule too, if the mob wants it, it'll get done. What a simple world.
That's ultimate democracy.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:53PM -0700

"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: Jun 27 05:47PM -0700

"...a normal Congress, a bill this complex would..."
have never happened.
We'll know what's in it when we pass it.
But, republicans fault.
irishranger317@gmail.com: Jun 27 04:58PM -0700

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 12:43:04 PM UTC-4, The Cheesehusker, Trade Warrior wrote:
> Maybe a winter sport like skiing?
> Or some team sport?
> What say you?
There is only one competitive sport where men and women are completely and totally
equal. And that is poker!
Irish Mike
jim brown <jimbrowndoc@yahoo.com>: Jun 27 04:46PM -0700

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 12:12:01 PM UTC-5, Some dued wrote:
> Hands down: "we need to talk"
And after that...Its not you, its me.
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: Jun 27 01:21PM -0700

I live just west of Yale between 41st and 51st. Your relative is probably just across I-44 from me.
Eric Ramon <ramon.eric@gmail.com>: Jun 27 02:43PM -0700

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 12:42:47 PM UTC-7, xyzzy wrote:
> So about 1%. In NC that would be a bit high for a property that's not in town.
> My county property tax rate for 2017 is 0.6338% of the appraised value. Then my fire district tacks on another 0.1250 for a total rate of 0.7588% of assessed value.
> Reassessment happened this year so appraised value is pretty close to market value. In fact it's spot-on, I was overassessed, I appealed and showed them the appraisal from a refi I had done in the fall of last year, and they gave me that value.
I've never figured it out (pct. of value) but I'd love to be paying $1500 a year. Once upon a time we did. Now it's $4000. Still, while we're paying a couple hundred bucks more a month now with a very healthy equity, others are scrambling, unable to buy, having to rent small apartments for for 1 1/2 times what we pay for mortgage, taxes and insurance.
I'm pretty sure (shh!!) that the county has undervalued houses for the past couple of decades.
"Con Reeder, unhyphenated American" <constance@duxmail.com>: Jun 27 05:57PM -0500

> Ohio Highway Patrol
> $1,535.12
> Good - Bad - Indifferent?
Seems very similar to what I pay in Indiana with very similar property
value. I do have water/sewer, but I pay plenty for it ($80-90/month).
Trash is $17 a month or so. It is a volunteer fire department, but a
very highly-rated one that gets me the lowest homeowner rates.
Experience is what allows you to recognize a mistake the second
time you make it. -- unknown
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: Jun 27 03:00PM -0700

In article <69d45ad9-1b6f-4ce6-8301-be4a3f6b8cb6@googlegroups.com>,
> By what? Shooting the poor?
> There's no point in hard work when it's clear the best you have to hope for is a camping spot and a tent over your head every night -- and that's if the druggie next to you doesn't shank you for the tent.
Cry me a river.
Michael Press
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