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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rafalution <Rafalution@25thmay2005.com>: Jun 28 09:51PM +0100

Please stop the daily posting of S*n shite into the Liverpool NG Darth
It's not FAFTBH :-( :-( :-(
Victory for Jesus Christ, Hard Brexit and Mr Rafa Benitez
Darth Simian <great_sage_equal_of_heaven_@hotmail.com>: Jun 28 09:50PM +0100

Full story...
With this and the pound sterling going down the toilet, who can blame
the EU's best and brightest health professionals choosing to work in
France or Germany? :-(
At least we have plenty of 'qualified' people from the Caribbean able to
fill those crucial Big Local Coordinator vacancies in Birmingham!
Rupelution Knows Best! :-(
Darth Simian <great_sage_equal_of_heaven_@hotmail.com>: Jun 28 09:41PM +0100

His family should expect no message of condolence from Rupelution!
He despises Paddington Bear because of his *IMMIGRANT* status!
Only immigrants from the *CARIBBEAN* escape his wrath!
And besides, we all know who his favourite bear is!
Everyone knows his name!
Rupelution Know Best! :-(
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