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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Darth Simian <great_sage_equal_of_heaven_@hotmail.com>: Jun 23 11:14PM +0100

European leaders have criticised the UK's offer to EU nationals after
Brexit - with one senior figure claiming it could "worsen the situation"
for them.
European Council President Donald Tusk said the plan was "below
expectations" while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there had been
"no breakthrough"
Why don't you just go you *STUPID BITCH*
Wafalution's *UNCLE RUPERT* is an Australian living in America, so he
doesn't give a fuck! :-(
Rafalution <Rafalution@25thmay2005.com>: Jun 24 07:45AM +0100

On 23/06/2017 23:14, Darth Simian wrote:
> doesn't give a fuck! :-(
> --
> *REMAIN* means *REMAIN*
You can stick your EU up your arse Lad, we are leaving!!!
Victory for Jesus Christ,Hard Brexit and Mr Rafa Benitez
Do not pay them a penny !
Darth Simian <great_sage_equal_of_heaven_@hotmail.com>: Jun 24 11:01AM +0100

On 24/06/2017 07:45, Rafalution wrote:
>> *REMAIN* means *REMAIN*
> You can stick your EU up your arse Lad, we are leaving!!!
> *FACT*
Murdoch's S*n tabloid urges its readers to vote for Brexit...
Stop being Rupert's *PUPPET* Wafalution FFS! :-(
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