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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chuck Spears <fishbowl2011@gmail.com>: Jun 21 12:14PM +0100

On 19/06/2017 18:45, Rational wrote:
>> Brexit is still reversible
> No, it is not. The people have spoken, get used to it.
> FACT !!!
It doesn't work that way. If the vote had gone the other way, would the
anti EU people have suddenly stopped trying to get the UK out of Europe?
I don't think so. When the Scots voted to stay as part of the UK, did
the SNIP disband? No they didn't.
Why then should those who want to stay in the EU stop trying to
make it so? Why should the 'remainders' be expected to change their
point of view after a symbolic referendum, when those with the opposite
opinion would have done nothing of the sort?
The referendum result seems to have highlighted problems in how freedom
of movement functions in the EU. I'm sure a few tweaks at what could be
considered the extreme ends of population movement would fix that. The
UK government of all shades are also responsible for immigration
problems because they failed to control even the immigration they had
full control over. Immigration is simply easy way for rich countries to
get trained educated people, without having to train or educate their
own people.
Maybe if immigration was handled more like football transfers, an
element of fairness would be introduced. If a big rich country want
skilled people from a smaller poorer country, saving them the expense of
educating or training their own people, there should be some sort of
transfer fee paid.
The big losers with immigration are the poorly trained/educated in the
richer country and the countries that repeatedly lose their well
trained/educated people.
'Brexit' is probably the result of giving a vote to the poorly
trained/educated people in the rich country, in other words the poorly
trained/educated people are using an extreme method to try to fix
something that the 'smart' people should have fixed.
Nark <Nark@shitter.com>: Jun 21 03:12PM +0100

On 21/06/2017 12:14, Chuck Spears wrote:
> trained/educated people in the rich country, in other words the poorly
> trained/educated people are using an extreme method to try to fix
> something that the 'smart' people should have fixed.
I agree with your first bit. Every opposition party is fighting the
'will of the people®' every 4 years. The brexiters think democracy has
to stop because the country voted once after a disgraceful campaign.
About 4 weeks before the vote Nigel Farage said on TV that if the result
"was close, say 52-48%" he would continue to press for Brexit. Well it
was 52-48%, just the other way, and I too reserve the right to fight for
what is best for us all.
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valarezo7@hotmail.com: Jun 21 01:40AM -0700

Sábado, 17 de Junio, 2017 de Nuestro Salvador Jesucristo, Guayaquil, Ecuador-Iberoamérica
(Cartas del cielo son escritas por Iván Valarezo)
(We would like to express our prayers, condolences and love to the families that lost their loved ones in the great fire burning over one of the towers of London, in England. They are all in the presence of our heavenly Father these days because He has loved and received them through His Son Jesus Christ that paid the price of the everlasting salvation over the altar of His eternal love within His Chosen Land of Israel, so they may live forever blessed in heaven's glory. We will continue to pray for the families of the victims and their friends as well, so our heavenly Father may continue to manifest His Holy Spirit of His grace, mercy, truth and divine justice to each one of them, through their entire lives on earth and in heaven as well, in the name of His Son Jesus Christ. Amen!)
Our heavenly Father called the entire house of Israel to remember everything that was given to Moses over Mount Sinai, because He wanted to see every man, woman and child obeying His Ten Commandments and the regulations along with His precepts that were giving over the Holy of Holiest, thus to live the righteous life that pleases truth and justice, in heaven. For our heavenly Father was to send His prophet Elijah before that great and awesome day that it is coming upon earth thus to judge the sins of the people that they have failed to obey Him in His holy commands, word and every precept entrusted Moses for Israel to fulfill until they may finally enter into His holy presence, forever blessed.
For the commandments that our heavenly Father had given to Israel through Moses are very holy, leading every man, woman and child to live a very righteous life that will take them into eternal glory to live with Him, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit along with His angelical nations that love, worship and serve His holy name faithfully through eternity. Thus, to live these very holy commandments will lead you to fulfill and glorify them into eternity with perfect truth and justice that pleases our heavenly Father's very demanding heart for perfect righteousness, so you may become as God is along with His Son and the Holy Spirit living in heaven's glory as if you have never known sin before into eternity.
That is why, that our heavenly Father manifested to Israel through Moses by assuring them that the Holy Spirit of the commandments is very difficult in pleasing much less fulfilling to the degree of the everlasting glory that can only exist in heaven before our heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ: Therefore, they are impossible to fulfill ever by mere men. These are holy commandments that only our heavenly Father had fulfilled them always through eternity without ever breaking any of its word or meaning before His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the angelical host—because these commandments are as perfect and holy as He is everlastingly thus they speak about Himself and His holy name with perfect perpetual unfailing-love.
That is why, that our heavenly Father granted them to Israel through Moses because they may never be able to be fulfilled and glorified through the human endeavors and efforts of every man, woman and child throughout the house of Israel, but through His Son Jesus Christ's enriched life with abundant grace and the Holy Spirit's gifts and powers, then they can. That is that, it was important for our heavenly Father to establish a covenant of life with Abraham and his wife Sarah's barren-womb, by drinking and eating from His Son Jesus Christ's bread and wine that he normally serves to every angel, so they may have their fill of perfect righteousness and glory, because without him they will fail to serve God, perpetually.
That is to say, also that when our heavenly Father ate and drank with Abraham and his 318 adoptive children that were sitting at the Lord's Table, ready to be served by the King of Salem, Melchizedek, the bread and wine for the children of Abraham to be born on earth through Isaac's sacred-flesh and atoning-blood, then His world poured upon humankind. Because, this was the only way possible that our heavenly Father could have His children from heaven above been born within humankind in the midst of the nations, by eating and drinking from His Son Jesus Christ's sacred-bread and the cup of wine that gave birth to the lifeless earth that was in Sarah's barren-womb that finally caused Isaac to be born.
This was our heavenly Father's way to invade not only humankind and the earth with His precious and glorious life written with His finger in the two tablets of the commandments given to Moses for Israel to obey and fulfill always, but also for the nations, for His children to be born in their midst thus to form His dream kingdom finally. These are very holy commandments along with every precept and norm given to Moses over Mount Sinai that gave birth not only to His children through the faith that He had started with Abraham and Sarah's barren-womb that gave life to His only Son as Isaac on earth, but also to every one of the children promised to Abraham through future generations.
These are, indeed, commandments so-holy before our heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that by themselves they are as in a single unit the virgin womb giving birth always to every one of the children promised to Abraham and Sarah's barren-womb, including the King Messiah born from David's virgin daughter thus giving perfect eternal life to humankind, lastly. That is why, that our heavenly Father manifested to Moses by assuring him that He had granted Israel commandments that are so-hard to fulfill much less glorify in this life and in the next one to come by mere human powers, endeavors and efforts, because these are commandments given to Israel and humankind to become reborn from it, into His eternal perfection.
These holy commandments are the perfect womb that stands within the Holy of Holiest of the tabernacle of reunion that there is no way possible that a mere man can enter into it with his personal holiness by shedding of the animal sacrificed atoning-blood over the Ark of the Covenant, to walk out alive from it before our heavenly Father. It is just impossible, because every Levite high priest that prepared himself with the rituals and instructions that he was to follow by shedding the animal sacrificed atoning-blood to the ground for himself and his family, then it could only help him into the Holy of Holiest to stand before our heavenly Father to become reborn from His personal holiness, if accepted.
Certainly, our heavenly Father along with the Holy Spirit of the commandments rejected him entirely although he had followed the instructions that Moses had received from over Mount Sinai, executing his personal duties within the Holy of Holiest, bathed in his own human righteousness that there was no way possible that he could become reborn to enter life, instead he would die instantly. And the Levite priests outside the tabernacle of reunion and holding on their hands the rope that was tied to his waistline will finally pull him from out of the Holy of Holiest, because they will fail to hear the bells anymore, and so, they knew he was dead because his holiness failed to match God's commandments for redemption.
Surely, it was always the holy commandments within the Ark of the Covenant along with our heavenly Father waiting for every Levitical high priest entering into the Holy of Holiest with his personal lamb sacrificed and the atoning-blood been spilled over the holy things, to see if he will be accepted along with the house of Israel, but they were rejected instead. Now, our heavenly Father rejected the Levite high priest along with the entire house of Israel every time that the high priest will enter into the Holy of Holiest, because he will fail along with every man, woman and child within Israel to present their lives as holy and perfect as the Holy Spirit of the commandments before our Father in heaven.
In other words, the life of the Levitical high priest along with every one within Israel had to match the perfect and holy life of the commandments before our heavenly Father seating at the Mercy Seat, within the Holy of Holiest, and they failed to match it to fulfill truth and justice perpetually: thus they had to die in their sin eventually. Besides, this had to place always within the Holy of Holiest of the tabernacle of reunion, as where our heavenly Father granted Moses to have the two tables of the commandments for Israel to receive them, thus for everyone to live according to what is written, so they may return someday to this very holy place to be recognized as holy for salvation.
Therefore, every one from Israel had to have lived the Holy Spirit of the commandments so they may have become accepted by our heavenly Father as very holy, to enter into eternal life forever blessed, because now they have lived according to the written commandments and they have honored to fulfill it thus to stand at the Holy of Holiest approved, forever. And this meant that everyone from Israel and from the families of the nations had to have had lived already the Holy Spirit of the commandments as it is written, and without failures and blemishes thus to become accepted by our heavenly Father not only to stand within the Holy of Holiest but also in heaven's glory with perfect salvation, forever.
For this is the perfect life that they had to have lived each one of them thus to enter into the Holy of Holiest before our heavenly Father, finally to become accepted as His children, ready to enter into heaven's glory to live with Him, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the angelical host as well, forever into eternity. Otherwise, it was impossible for anyone to enter into the Holy of Holiest much less into heaven's glory forever blessed as our heavenly Father's child with the power to live anywhere that they may wish in heaven's glory, enjoying its wonderful eternal life along with its amazing richness into eternity, without ever been rejected as Adam and Eve were once.
That is why, that our heavenly Father granted to Moses and Israel the two tablets of the commandments so every man, woman and child may fulfill them accordingly as it is written, so they may become someday finally accepted by Him at the Holy of Holiest as His legitimate children ready to enter into heaven's eternal life, forever blessed. Moreover, our heavenly Father expected every one within Israel to fulfill them as it is written within their lived lives by living in the Promised Land, because if you can live His holy commandments without ever offending them within His chosen land, then this means that you have made it into heaven's glory, because you have finally fulfilled truth and justice, perpetually.
But, to everyone's amazement our heavenly Father told them that He had given them commandments that no one was ever ready to fulfill them, because it is just impossible for mere men to fulfill and glorify them as He has already trough eternity before the angelical host, therefore, the chances for anyone to make it into the Holiest Place, it was impossible. However, we can see that not only Moses was able to ascend into heaven's glory, whenever our heavenly Father called him, thus to grant him whatever Israel needed to possess to love, serve and glorify Him through life as the tablets of the commandments and the tabernacle of reunion, but we can see also that he was never restricted in anything ever.
That showed us that for our heavenly Father, Moses was especial to Him wherever he went on earth within the Israeli camp and in heaven's glory as he was called many times to ascend Mount Sinai, so He may show him how He will write the commandments with His finger or show him the specifics of the tabernacle of reunion, for example. This means, obviously, that Moses had no restrictions at all to go anywhere where our heavenly Father will call him to go thus to show the glory that He had prepared for Israel to possess in those days and forevermore into eternity, because Moses was accepted as one of His own that have always existed with Him within His divine family.
But, the truth is, that Moses was just as one more of the men, women and children from the house of Israel, yet he had power to stand in our heavenly Father's very holy presence for Israel's needs thus to get those needs met, so Israel may live a life powerful enough to continue towards the Promised Land victorious over every enemy. Our heavenly Father was always ready to listen to Moses and answer any of his requests for himself and Israel as well, because he had power just because he was considered as one of His divine-family from heaven above that was doing what he had been called to do for His glory, and this was to take Israel into Canaan safe (and sound).
We can see here that our heavenly Father had entrusted what He had always loved the most in heaven's glory to a mere man that had been born from a woman's womb, and this was Moses, taking the entire house of Israel from Egypt into the land that He had personally chosen, for this was something that Moses could only finish finally. Our heavenly Father was never ready to trust anyone else from Israel much less from the holiest angels to do this for Him, by taking the house of Israel into Canaan that He had personally chosen, because it will be within it that He will finally live with His children from Israel and the families of the nations, forever happy into perpetuity.
Now, why our heavenly Father trusted so much Moses, and this after he had told him that he was not eloquent, besides he stuttered badly, and so, he could never be the one that He was to send to do this amazing task for Him within Israel: Therefore, Lord, send the one that you should, but not me, Moses pleated. Then, our heavenly Father said to Moses, do not I know your brother Aaron, and that he can speak very well, he is coming towards you now, and when he sees you he will become very joyful within his heart, because now you will be god to him and he will speak as your prophet the words that I will tell you.
With these words, Moses realized that our heavenly Father was determined to send him with the wonderful task that He was to do for His children that He had given birth through His Son Jesus Christ as he was born as Isaac by the Holy Spirit's power from Sarah's barren-womb, eventually to lift His holy name fire over the world, forever victorious. Provided that, our heavenly Father had given birth to His only Son as Isaac from Sarah's barren-womb not only to introduce His amazing fires of grace, mercy, truth and divine justice along with the sacred-flesh, the unbreakable bones and the atoning-blood to save Israel, but also to lift His holy name fire over the nations, conquering the world with everlasting salvation, finally.
For our heavenly Father needed to reconquer from Satan what he had stolen forever with lies and deception from Adam and the children, so He may baptize the earth with water first entirely to start anew human life, but this time with His holy name fire burning over it as it burns over the angelical host in heaven's glory with perfect everlasting-righteousness. And so, what was so-especial about Moses that he could stand in His holy presence in heaven and on earth as well as through the tabernacle of reunion and within its Holy of Holiest to speak with Him about things that he needed to solve for himself and at times for the whole of Israel?
The answer is that he was anointed from our heavenly Father with His Holy Spirit, because as he was
Rafalution <Rafalution@25thmay2005.com>: Jun 20 06:27PM +0100

Manchester United boss José Mourinho has been accused of tax fraud by
Spanish prosecutors investigating his time as Real Madrid's head coach.
The Portuguese manager is accused of defrauding Spain of €3.3m (£2.9m;
$3.6m) in taxes between 2011 and 2012. He has yet to comment on the claim.
Not FAF !!!
Victory for Jesus Christ, Nigel Farage,Brexit and Mr Rafa Benitez
Neal <nealr2000@gmail.com>: Jun 20 05:52PM -0700

Thank fuck you posted this as none of us get the news.
By the way, I ee all the cases are based upon image rights income. Even though Rafa managed RM, I somehow don't see him getting into any image issues.
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