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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jim Bauch <j.bauch@ca.rr.com>: Jun 25 09:43AM -0700

On Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 3:39:05 PM UTC-7, Gerry wrote:
> In terms of development, forget it. Bergevin seems to be dropping ample hints that he'll just keep his nepotism rolling with the staff in Laval, despite all their issues in the past 5 years. :S
I read a quote from Trevor Timmins to the effect of how the two most valuable commodities in the draft are centers and offensive defensemen, and I laughed bitterly. Go ahead and find some guys like that, Trevor, and then turn them over to a system that will move the centers to the wing and tell the defensemen to stay back and make the safe play (and, if that fails, trade them away).
In the end, Bergevin's biggest flaw may not be his trades, or even his player evaluation overall, but his personnel policies. He waited WAY too long to fire MT, and has sat idly by while the farm system has dried up. Those are mistakes that the Habs will be paying for years after Molson eventually wises up and fires MB.
Marty <martytest2004@hotmail.com>: Jun 25 12:55PM -0500

What a crapshoot the draft is though. The d-man Montreal drafted in the 5th
round was rated 8 slots higher among North American skaters than the d-man
they used their 2nd pick on! In the third round they picked another d-man
well ABOVE his draft ranking. He was over twice as far down the North
American skater list than the 5th round pick! Still, all 3 d-men are
almost identical on a stat sheet. They range in height from 6'1" to 6'2",
and weight from 188 to 193. In other words, identical. Their point totals
all run around 1 point per 2 games (the 2nd rounder is just a bit higher
than that). So who knows which one is the best, or if any will make it?
Kind makes me think that maybe it should be that an 18 year old can only
be picked in the 1st round. Give most guys an extra year of development
before they are available to be drafted. It's not like you currently see
18-year-old 2nd round picks going straight to the NHL. That's almost
unheard of.
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Jun 25 11:51AM -0700

Yeah, the draft is indeed a total crapshoot in the later rounds. It's all kind of illusory how we rate it... it seemed to me as I followed along with the picks on NHL.com that they got pretty good value on some guys, reached too much on Walford. But that's based on having the bias of all the rankings... which are an echo chamber of sorts.
I didn't watch much junior hockey this year. Tyzska had some problems in the Mem Cup games, which I watched, but then his whole team kind of stunk out the joint... but at that point in the season, every scout is watching, and presumably that's why his stock torpedoed relative to rankings.
They drafted one "safe" style center, like a Chipchura/Danault type maybe, and another skillsier guy in Ikonen who maybe ends up more of a winger like Lehtonen? It's not clearly an emphasis on centers. The D all seem to be more generic middle/fill-in types, they don't seem to have swung for any fences there?
I don't know, it's not clear how they make progress. They are going to be in the bottom 5 of the NHL in prospect rankings for the next little while IMHO. And it's not like they've gone crazy trading prospects or high picks in deadline deals to try to "go for it". They've kept a reasonable cross-section of picks. But they haven't ended up with much to show for it, which is probably indeed going to be a legacy hallmark of this management group.
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: Jun 25 03:30PM -0400

Gerry wrote:
> going to be a legacy hallmark of this management group.
> l8r,
> Gerry
The lack of a decent development system in the Habs' structure
is why I'm hoping the 1st round pick STAYS in school next
season at St. Cloud State. He'll get much more coaching
and development there than he ever has a chance of getting
with the Habs' system.
If the other kids have a choice, such as staying in the
Swedish Elite league rather than come over here to languish
in Laval, I'd tell 'em to stay put. The development and
coaching in Sweden and Finland looks to be much better and
will do them more good in the long run.
That's a pretty bad situation for what should be a class
organization, but we've seen this story too many times
already in the past several years. Don't ruin more picks
and prospects by trying to fit round pegs into square holes
or vice-versa.
Nyssa, who doesn't expect to see any of these picks in
a Habs sweater anytime soon anyway
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: Jun 25 01:29PM -0700

On Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 3:30:26 PM UTC-4, Nyssa wrote:
> or vice-versa.
> Nyssa, who doesn't expect to see any of these picks in
> a Habs sweater anytime soon anyway
When they show up for training camp with the Habs, they will hear the most terrifying statement of their young professional careers "We want you to simplify your game".
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