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Friday, June 2, 2017

Jim Bauch <j.bauch@ca.rr.com>: Jun 01 12:40PM -0700

Scott Cullen on Twitter, in response to reports that the Habs' last protected slot in the expansion draft will come down to Benn or Beaulieu: "This would be so Habs. Protect a 30-year-old third-pair defenceman based on a 19-game sample."
That sounds about right.
Le sigh.
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Jun 01 12:51PM -0700

Glass half-full:
That'd mean they are not protecting Emelin either way, though.
Mike <mike@gmail.com>: Jun 01 05:02PM -0300

On 06/01/2017 04:40 PM, Jim Bauch wrote:
> That sounds about right.
> Le sigh.
> Jim
There needs to be serious questions asked of this team if Bergevin
leaves Beaulieu unprotected.
Mike <mike@gmail.com>: Jun 01 10:57AM -0300

Give them Price and Pacioretty for Rinne, Forsberg and Jossi
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: Jun 01 11:18AM -0400

Mike wrote:
> Give them Price and Pacioretty for Rinne, Forsberg and
> Jossi
> :-)
Change Patches to Chucky in that trade, and you've got a deal!
And then I switch from 50+ years of Hab fandom to a Preds fan.
But boyhowdy, that meltdown was painful last night.
Nyssa, who is losing hope that we can see an all-new Cup
winner this year
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Jun 01 12:21PM -0700

Let's just go Price for Rinne. How's about today?
Gerry The Preds Fan
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Jun 01 12:25PM -0700

It must be awful frustrating for the really real Preds fans! It's frustrating enough as a bandwagon semi-fan. They must have owned about 80% of the first two games. But in the relatively brief times they weren't dominating, jeez, Pittsburgh transcended opportunism.
And then somewhere over the weekend the refs found their whistles again? Or at least, partially? When two less-vicious teams are playing?
Mike <mike@gmail.com>: May 31 01:57PM -0300

On 05/30/2017 04:23 PM, Gerry wrote:
> Totally aside to all this, just thinking of Radulov reminded me of a peek I took the other day at the UFA list for this summer. There's a serious lack of upper end players in their prime. He might be the top forward available? Ought to make it tougher still to retain him.
> l8r,
> Gerry
Have no fear Gerry - Bergy will sign a bevy of 4th liners to make up for
the loss of Radulov. Throw in a gaggle of bottom pairing defencemen (cuz
you can never have too many defencemen apparently) and the loss of
Radulov is easily managed.
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