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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Racist Activism Pays Well - Ask Obama" <racists@democrats.com>: Jun 28 03:23PM +0200

A San Francisco 49ers staffer has once again shed a negative
light on former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, questioning his
work ethic and desire to play football.
"As one Niners employee explained it, Kaepernick wouldn't stay
late at the facility during the season like many quarterbacks
routinely do, saying he'd take work home," Albert Breer of
TheMMQB wrote. "And there were examples where coaches saw what
looked like shoddy prep surfacing in inexplicable mental errors
in games. Another staffer, asked if he thinks Kaepernick wants
to keep playing, answered, 'I do think he wants to play—to stay
Kaepernick, 29, remains a free agent after opting out of his
contract with the 49ers for 2017. His only meeting with a team
has been with the Seattle Seahawks, who opted to sign Austin
Davis rather than bring in Kaepernick as a backup.
Once the face of the 49ers franchise, Kaepernick's social
activism appears to have left him with limited employment
His passing numbers (16 TD, 4 INT, 90.7 rating) from last season
were more than good enough to get him a backup job somewhere.
But teams seem wary of alienating fans who were offended by his
decision to kneel during the national anthem, and leaks out of
the 49ers offices have not helped matters.
49ers general manager John Lynch attempted to quell all
perception that Kaepernick does not want to play football last
"I want to put that to rest," Lynch said on PFT Live. "I'm sorry
that this came out of this building. That's one of the
challenges that I'm finding is controlling the message that
comes out of your building. There's so many people, and it's
hard to find because, 'Sources this, sources that.' I didn't
feel good about that and I've talked to Colin.
"That was what was most important to me, to talk to Colin
directly and let him know that I was sorry that that did [come
out] and that nothing else like that will come out of this
building if I have anything to do with it. That's where that
is. We wish Colin the best and I can tell everybody out there
he very much is sincere in his interest to get back in this
league, and I hope it works out for him."
Kaepernick has been almost radio silent on football topics, with
his Twitter feed mostly being used for social justice causes.
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