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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jun 13 07:01PM -1000

49ers minicamp report: No one can cover Marquise Goodwin
The "good" and the "bad in Niner minicamp. Barkley finally looked
like a competent backup QB and if he continues to improve, might
replace Hoyer. That's big case of projection, but you have to take
Hoyer's career into consideration. He's broken a lot of coaches'
hearts until last year.
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jun 13 06:39PM -1000

49ers minicamp observations: Hoyer, offense strike back (a little)
I though Hoyer knew this offense? What he did was something akin to
what he did at Cleveland and Texas.
Benard Atkins <batkins700@gmail.com>: Jun 13 09:14PM -0700

On Monday, June 12, 2017 at 5:47:25 PM UTC-7, John Walsh wrote:
> >> They have nowhere to go but up.
> >I hope you are right, but you may be underestimating the Yorks' creativity.
> They Yorks' have left the running of the team to Lynch and Shanahan...
True. The team has yet to play a game, yet I feel much better
about the organization.
A worse to first rebound this season? No, but they very well
could be better than expected.
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: Jun 12 09:47PM -1000

Jim Harbaugh reiterates his belief Colin Kaepernick will win
Kind of sounds like Trump.
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