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Monday, June 5, 2017

ariess@bellsouth.net: Jun 04 02:09PM -0700

Giants proving that they are really a very bad team. Probably most games if they score seven they win, except when they score seven they give up 9. and guys who are hitting in the low 200's look better than our best hitters.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jun 05 09:12AM

> games if they score seven they win, except when they score seven
> they give up 9. and guys who are hitting in the low 200's look
> better than our best hitters.
Yeah, thanks to Derek Law, doing his best Casilla imitation. Law
pretty much giftwrapped this win to the Phillies.
And just the day before, Saturday, I thought maybe the Giants would've
won that game had Strickland not appeal his suspension, because he
single-handedly lost that game. I was thinking, "Had he been serving
his suspension, Law might've pitched and the Giants might've won."
Then Law did this on Sunday.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jun 05 09:11AM

> blah blah blah [more Posey hating stuff]...
So the only Posey hater Giants fan on the planet is at it again. What
a lowlife sorry ass. :-)
Of course, Mr. Posey Hater never mention these stuffs, which seems to
happen a lot (I've pointed them out numerous times):
Sunday June 4 vs Phillies
Top of 7th
Span singled to right.
Nunez flied out to center.
Belt hit by pitch, Span to second.
Posey singled to left, Span to third, Belt to second.
And this time it was Span, a speedy centerfielder, not some slow-po
like Belt, Arroyo, or Panik who keep stopping at 3B on a single.
This seems to happen very often. I'm guessing runners not scoring from
2B might have cost him double digit RBIs.
Maybe somebody's brain is too deteriorated to notice this stuff. Might
be the Florida water. :-D
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jun 05 09:01AM

>> Grilli now trying out for batting practice pitcher, or all star
>> game home run derby pitcher.
> I think he's trying out for the Giants bullpen.
Grilli sounded like Derek Law today.
"Gary Rosen" <garymrosen@comcast.net>: Jun 05 12:21AM -0700

The reason this is even more rare than it used to be is that
plate appearances by MLB pitchers suddenly dropped in
half in 1973.
"Awesome Giants" wrote in message
Giants' Blach becomes 1st pitcher since 2009 to walk 3 times in a
Ty Blach knows a good pitch when he sees one. On Friday, it just
never showed up - so he took his bases.
When he wasn't busy pitching the San Francisco Giants to a 10-0
victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, Blach was busy making a
little history by not swinging his bat. The right-hander became the
first pitcher in eight years to be walked three times in a game,
drawing a base on balls in each of his first three plate
Colorado's Aaron Cook was the last hurler to do it before Blach, on
Oct. 1, 2009 against Milwaukee.
But Blach's feat becomes even more impressive when looking back at
the history books. Though it was once something of a common
occurrence going back to the 1910s and 1920s, pitchers doing what
Blach did on Friday night is now a rare feat worthy of celebrating.
Since 1970, a pitcher has walked three times in a game just 11 times
- and it's only been done five times in the last 41 years.
4/24/1975 Don Sutton Dodgers Cubs 4 3 0 W 2-1
5/3/1981 Don Sutton Astros Pirates 3 3 0 W
6/25/1984 Joaquin Andujar Cardinals Expos 3 3 0 W
10/1/2009 Aaron Cook Rockies Brewers 4 3 0 W
6/2/2017 Ty Blach Giants Phillies 6 3 2 W
Blach's walks ultimately helped the Giants, as he came around to
score a pair of runs in their rout over Philadelphia. But his luck
dried up after walk No. 3, as he struck out in his final three plate
appearances to finish 0-for-3 with three walks. While that made
Blach the eighth player (and first pitcher) since 1913 to draw three
walks and strike out three times in six PA's during a nine-inning
contest, it left the 26-year-old one walk shy of becoming the first
pitcher in 67 years to draw four walks in a game.
Six pitchers have taken a record four walks in a game on seven
occasions since 1913, most recently on June 8, 1950, when the Red
Sox Chuck Stobbs drew four walks in a 29-4 rout of the St. Louis
As for Blach, while the walks were nice, he was more focused on
celebrating the work he's actually paid to do - notably, striking
out four en route to his first career complete game and shutout to
give the struggling Giants a much needed victory.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jun 05 09:00AM

> The reason this is even more rare than it used to be is that
> plate appearances by MLB pitchers suddenly dropped in
> half in 1973.
Yeah, that's around the time when teams changed from 4-man rotation to
5-man rotation.
Also in the old days there was no such thing as 100-pitch limit.
Complete games were commonplace. Today pitchers are often gone by the
5th or 6th inning. They might not even come to the plate 3 times.
I wonder, did the term "closer" even exist in baseball back in the
'60s? When did that start?
Today, there are specialized roles such as closer, setup man, middle
reliever, even long-innings reliever. At least one team I know of had
a 7th inning guy, an 8th inning guy, and a 9th inning guy.
Awesome Giants <Giants@sf.giants>: Jun 05 08:56AM

Wow, I'm really surprised no one mentioned this, and no
reaction/comment from anyone. Arroyo was treated like the 2nd coming
of Willie Mays for a month, then suddenly demoted.
But maybe that's for the best, as he's not getting any playing time
right now anyway. Might as well get some ABs in AAA.
And at the rate the Giants are going, Arroyo might be back real soon.
But maybe a full year at AAA would do him a lot of good too. Maybe
he'll fulfill his destiny next year, becoming the hitter we want him to
be. Like Ben said, maybe it was one year too soon.
Interestingly, sounds like Strickland's suspension appeal also played a
small role.
Even though the Giants are in disarray, but as a bay area sports fan,
it's pretty hard to be in a bad mood right now. :-D
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