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Thursday, June 8, 2017

dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 08 03:08AM -0700

The dipshit female can't post good stats,who gives a shit about coaching challenges? ??,.
If any of the clowns with a IQ over Don and Nate -1 ..you can see that in 2016 Porcello runs support for 34 starts was almost 7 per game
This year runs support is barely 4. 5-8 record
CC runs support is almost 7..7-2 .
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 08 04:44AM -0700

Correction I gave the pork chop 2 more victories..
2017 thus far 3-8
PW <noemailaddress@noaddress.com>: Jun 07 05:04PM -0600

That he was forced to apoligize for?????
My wife and I watched the whole game!
nate <greystone@net1plus.com>: Jun 07 09:39PM -0700

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 7:04:17 PM UTC-4, PW wrote:
> My wife and I watched the whole game!
> -pw
> -pw
He said that interpreters shouldnt be allowed on the field. Tanaka had an interpreter out there for a conference on the mound.
- nate
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 07 03:37PM -0700

Sox's minor league teams stink. .
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 07 03:37PM -0700

Replacement for injured Erod.
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 07 02:38PM -0700

1st place tie..I smell sweep..
1st place than weak ass Tigers..
Yanks couldn't hit bum ass Drew P who like CC is a fraud.
Sue Robbins <email@domain.com>: Jun 07 08:55AM -0600

> pitches in 5 innings.
> Sox lead 5-2.
That is a ton of pitches for 5 innings and 2 runs.
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