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Saturday, June 3, 2017

dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 02 03:52PM -0700

Stats crap..how come the queen Ape Nate doesn't copy and paste Porcello runs support 2016 vs thus far 2017..
I'll tell you why because the stats would prove worthy of my rant!!
Also the nit shit dumb redneck wouldn't know where to look..
Square park factor fixed data stat..3.14 pie minus mph times divided by 2 inches of mustard. .=Nate Ape is a pos.dummy..pwned.
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 02 11:30AM -0700

Adj Opp you down with Opp yeah you know me..
ADJ. OPS.read it the only time you'll see it correctly in form..
Park factor vs wind speed vs fart coverage minus the square root factor =Adam Jones robbing a HR from a fag name Mookie..
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