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Monday, June 26, 2017

dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 25 02:10PM -0700

No O...the whole AL EAST stinks.
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 25 11:20AM -0700

dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 25 11:07AM -0700

Umpire abuse ...that jackass should be fired..read his lips he told John.F get the fuck out of here!!
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 25 11:04AM -0700

Brought to you by fat zit face Yankees lover Nate..
dcp7 <mrdls437@yahoo.com>: Jun 25 11:01AM -0700

On Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 10:09:50 PM UTC-4, nate wrote:
> What a difference it makes if David Ortiz is just merely present at the game?
> :(
> - nate
You and that fat Rican can die asap!!
So tired of his quotes, his stupid commercials, his voice and his Daddy looks younger than him..
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