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Thursday, May 18, 2017

RaspingDrive <raspingdrive@gmail.com>: May 18 10:42AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 12:48:04 PM UTC-4, The Iceberg wrote:
> TT has always just written honest facts and opinions about Nadal from what I've ever read, it just you Fedfans are so warped you can't see that.
Which post are you relying to? Lazy bugger, Icey ;)
Whisper <beaver999@ozemail.com>: May 18 08:28PM +1000

On 18/05/2017 7:19 AM, Court_1 wrote:
> LOL. Do you see what I mean about your propensity to worship to the extreme at the House of Nadal? Keep it in your pants. Goodness me.
> 10 FOs would give him 15 slams. He needs 4 more to eclipse Roger in the real world not the fantasy world you inhabit. *rolls eyes*
> On topic, it's a tough call but with that 15th slam I think Nadal would slightly eclipse Sampras. Sampras has the better #1 stats and dominated at two slams and Nadal has the CGS and the GOAT FO record but with all things considered plus that additional slam over Sampras, I think you have to give it to Nadal if he wins 15.
TT has a point in that Rafa will forever be in tier 1 group with Laver.
Laver & Nadal hold records that are least likely to be broken.
Laver has many great records (eg 200 singles titles), but he's best
loved for his 2 calendar slams. That looks like a very unbreakable
You have to be on some strong drugs to think Rafa's clay record has a
realistic chance of being broken. So in my estimation the 2 most solid
greats in tier 1 are Laver & Nadal.
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Federer Fanatic <TheRelentlessTide@nospam.invalid>: May 18 05:31AM -0500

On Thu, 18 May 2017 20:20:43 +1000, Whisper <beaver999@ozemail.com> wrote:
| On 18/05/2017 7:08 AM, TennisGuy wrote:
|> On 5/17/2017 4:22 PM, TT wrote:
|>> 17.5.2017, 23:13, Scott kirjoitti:
|>>> If Nadal wins RG this year he will have 15 slams to Pete's 14. Would
|>>> Rafa then eclipse Pete in the GOAT rankings?
|>> In my opinion with 10 RG titles Nadal would hold the greatest tennis
|>> record ever and would eclipse everyone.
|> Here we go:
|> Troll #1.
|> Trolls:
|> 1. TT
|> 2.
|> 3.
| TT is overstating it, but I think we all agree Rafa is the standout
| goat/boat on a surface no? Who has ever dominated a surface to the
| extent Rafa has on clay?
Agreed. Especially since he was able to handle Federer decisively, someone
who Nadal views as the 2nd greatest claycourter?
Gracchus <gracchado@gmail.com>: May 18 11:43AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 7:19:12 AM UTC-7, Whisper wrote:
> > Of course. Any way you can move the goalposts to exclude Federer from greatness and place him into mediocrity, we know you'll attempt it. Too bad your "estimation" is worthless.
> I wasn't responding to you. You're one the few quality analysts in rst
> I find hard to argue with.
Translation: "Here are my testes. I'll put them in your care if you promise not to squeeze."
Whisper <beaver999@ozemail.com>: May 18 09:00PM +1000

On 18/05/2017 8:07 AM, Gracchus wrote:
>> plus a few Monte Carlos etc. In other words Federer is manipulating h2h
>> and still losing.
> Federer is focusing on career achievements and longevity. Only in your mind is every choice he makes calculated with Nadal in mind.
Actually not true. I turned the radio on the other day in the car & all
the talk on a sports show was how Fed was cowered by Rafa's form on clay
& that's why he was ducking the FO.
Surprised me to hear it as it was predominantly a football show.
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Federer Fanatic <TheRelentlessTide@nospam.invalid>: May 18 05:38AM -0500

On Thu, 18 May 2017 20:06:09 +1000, Whisper <beaver999@ozemail.com> wrote:
| On 17/05/2017 11:24 PM, RaspingDrive wrote:
|> On Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 8:30:03 AM UTC-4, *skriptis wrote:
|>> John Liang <jliang70@gmail.com> Wrote in message:
|>>> On Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 2:01:02 AM UTC+10, *skriptis wrote:
|>> I don't care about WoO. Sampras exploited it less due to shorter
|>> career.
|> There is ample scope for WoO to manifest in a 12-year period.
|>> But Sampras took care of other greats very convincingly.
|>> --
|> You need to give more respect to the three *exceptional* 10+ slam winners currently playing.
| I respect them greatly. They are extremely fortunate to not play in
| Sampras era. Both Sampras & Agassi would own all the top players today,
| except Rafa on clay.
Pure speculation...but it certainly would have been interesting to see Pete
use the modern racquets. I suspect he'd play like Fed but not as naturally. And
he would NOT be a net dominant player as you would like to delude yourself into
believing---his baseline game was pretty impressive and would be truly awe inspiring
in today's game.
MBDunc <michaelb@dnainternet.net>: May 18 10:45AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 1:07:44 PM UTC+3, Whisper wrote:
> Disagree. Imo Fed is just not that smart. Only morons would give up a
> chance on a calendar slam.
Like Sampras '99 and skipping the 1st slam :)....
But to name some multislam champs who had won AO....
Lendl 1990 skipped FO for concentrating Wimbledon having won AO earlier.
Becker skipped FO '96 after AO title...
Rosewall won AO 71, 72...and did not play at FO...
...maybe Fed just was unsure and if you are unsure you already have mental uphill battle.. (dunno about stories where reportedly his doctor had advised not-to-play on clay, usually it is opposite...clay is the easiest on knees)
Whisper <beaver999@ozemail.com>: May 18 08:07PM +1000

On 17/05/2017 11:27 PM, John Liang wrote:
>> There's a bigger fish than calendar slam?
> Wimbledon and USO are Federer's best chance to win more slams, Federer made a realistic assessment of his chance at FO so there is nothing illogical about his decision to pull out to maximized his chance at Wimbledon and also reduce the chance of injury at most grinding tournament in tennis.
Disagree. Imo Fed is just not that smart. Only morons would give up a
chance on a calendar slam.
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Whisper <beaver999@ozemail.com>: May 18 08:09PM +1000

On 17/05/2017 11:37 PM, RaspingDrive wrote:
>> There's a bigger fish than calendar slam?
> Barring a Nadal injury, no chance for Federer, so best to be realistic and try to increase the slam count, arguably the next bigger fish.
If Fed thinks only 1 guy stands in his way of potential FO win & that's
why he won't play, then he's far dumber than I thought. Rafa is human &
no slam is guaranteed.
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PeteWasLucky <waleed.khedr@gmail.com>: May 18 06:09AM -0400

-- "First of all, it's Roger, so he has the luxury to decide
whatever he wants to and play whatever he wants to," Djokovic
told reporters at the Rome Masters. "At this stage in his life,
and especially with the beginning of the season he had, I mean,
he's been so successful throughout his career that he doesn't
need necessarily to chase the points or play all the
"You know, he's very smart in his decision-making and scheduling.
He knows what he's doing, I'm sure. Of course he's aware he has
much better chance to win big trophies on quicker surfaces. Grass
obviously is where he feels the most comfortable. I'm not too
surprised with this decision.
"I mean, he had a lot of matches played at the beginning of the
year, and he did amazingly well. It's something that we haven't
seen, you know, from the top players in a while. I mean, when I
say 'in a while' I mean for at least 10, 15 years. Most of, let's
say, us top players, have played throughout the whole season,
more or less all the big events. But before it wasn't the
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calimero377@gmx.de: May 18 10:48AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 4:30:03 PM UTC+2, *skriptis wrote:
> and proudly states that in his notes, wants us also to be believe
> he's trustworthy when it comes to Trump?
> Doesn't really compute.
Shitpiss, what about you?
Are you loyal to me?
calimero377@gmx.de: May 18 10:43AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 12:53:48 PM UTC+2, Pelle Svanslös wrote:
> http://www.politico.com/story/2017/05/18/robert-mueller-fbi-director-trump-investigation-238537
> "He's no bulls—ter".
Where can we meet him?
Or is this just another Politico fake news?
RaspingDrive <raspingdrive@gmail.com>: May 18 10:31AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 12:25:18 PM UTC-4, soccerfan777 wrote:
> Don't the Transformers and Fast and Furious, Star Wars, Star Trek franchises make tons of money. What makes you success means quality? Bahubali 1 was garbage I don't expect 2 to be better either
I am assuming you are replying to my post. But this movie has earned the HIGHEST EVER amount for an Indian movie. There was this guy, Khalid or something, who panned the movie only to admit his mistake later. Wonder what Shakes thinks, he being the resident Telugu man.
RaspingDrive <raspingdrive@gmail.com>: May 18 10:39AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 11:18:56 AM UTC-4, Gracchus wrote:
> On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 5:32:34 AM UTC-7, soccerfan777 wrote:
> > I still haven't watched that movie. Nice troll attempt Iceberg
> Don't bother. "Slumdog Millionaire" is nothing special. A cliched Hollywood film dressed up as "world cinema."
SDM is like Indian food for the Western palate, only in this case it is a little bit of the unpalatable stuff about India, which sells readily. A provocative title and a subject matter that is sure to attract the attention of the uninitiated such as Icey :)
Hal Womack 3-dan <hal.womack@gmail.com>: May 18 10:18AM -0700

Johanna KONTA vs Venus WILLIAMS Highlights ᴴᴰ ROME OPEN 2017 -- 8:49
Venus wins 6/1, 3/6, 6/1.
TT <ascii@dprk.kp>: May 18 03:12PM +0300

18.5.2017, 13:42, Pelle Svanslös kirjoitti:
> Asked if Obama's opinion has changed since Trump took office, one of the
> sources said: "Well, it hasn't gotten any better."
> http://nypost.com/2017/05/17/what-barack-obama-really-thinks-about-donald-trump/
Not sure if fake news but wouldn't surprise me if Obama would have said
that... it's accurate analysis after all, and actually better than Trump
would deserve.
Gracchus <gracchado@gmail.com>: May 18 10:07AM -0700

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 3:42:10 AM UTC-7, Pelle Svanslös wrote:
> Barack Obama minced no words after an election night call with Donald
> Trump — calling him "nothing but a bulls—ter," People magazine reported
> Wednesday.
I saw the topic and expected this post was another one about Whisper.
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