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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: May 09 11:53PM -0700

What's my area code?
robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: May 09 11:53PM -0700

" %" <persent@gmail.com>: May 09 07:43PM -0700

robert stickler wrote:
> We don't harbor illegals here
so you have to move then
robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: May 09 11:52PM -0700

I'm a us citizen
"John Fenner, King of Kings" <johnissoevil6@gmail.com>: May 09 11:41PM -0700

> > Here's an example of Zach's trolling that L0bstr stole, this is how Zach makes female J! contestants uncomfortable.
> > https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/rec.sport.pro-wrestling/6UnsBT7jch4/ixjth0oJAwAJ;context-place=topic/rec.sport.pro-wrestling/5oIzp2L_Mes
> It's too bad there isn't anyone that can toss punks like L0bstr off the groups permanently. The spam reports are piling up on that loser.
Sadly, you're right. Back when I was a regular on alt.tv.game-shows, me and many others on that group reported the trolls to their ISPs. Although the rules clearly state that trolling is forbidden, they ignored such complaints, as long as death threats weren't being made, because all they want is their $$$$$$.
jmfabianorpl@gmail.com: May 09 08:39PM -0700

What's Cum James doing in the Impact Zone?
/Apprehending KM hopefully.
"Jason Todd!!!" <janklowicz24@yahoo.com>: May 09 10:03PM -0700

On Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 6:33:33 PM UTC-4, Trijcomm wrote:
> > When reached for comment Director Comey "WHUUUT?? I get you elected president and THIS is the muthafuckin thanks I get?? Motherfucka COMEY DON'T PLAY DAT!!!"
> > Jason (ashamed/proud of myself for that)
> So you are saying that Trump is standing up for Hillary?
You DO realize that the FBI is also investigating Trump's Russian ties, right?
You ARE aware of that, yes?
MrL0bstr <newl0bstr@aol.com>: May 09 08:30PM -0700

All signs point to yes!
MrL0bstr <newl0bstr@aol.com>: May 09 08:29PM -0700

All signs point to yes!
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