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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: May 07 04:29AM

No one has time to waste with this attention seeking old man.
Sad luzer.
Alan Baker <alangbaker@telus.net>: May 06 01:39PM -0700

...with you wingnuts:
'"That line is so indefensible," [Idaho Republican Representative]
Labrador said. "Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care."'
The ongoing dispute over whether to fill the so-called Medicaid gap in
Idaho has brought forward stories of people who actually died because of
the lack of access to health care.
The story of Jenny Steinke, a woman from Idaho Falls, has been
frequently cited in Idaho. Steinke died at age 36 from an asthma attack
after her condition had gone untreated for years because she couldn't
afford health insurance, according to the (Idaho Falls) Post Register.'
'Some studies cited by the foundation looked at what happened to
patients once they were hospitalized:
▪ A 2009 study published in the Journal of Public Health found a 60
percent higher mortality rate among uninsured American children in the
▪ A study published in 2011 in the American Journal of Respiratory and
Critical Care Medicine concluded that "the uninsured have a higher
mortality and receive fewer procedures when compared with privately
insured patients treated at the same hospitals."
▪ A 2010 study in The American Journal of Surgery hypothesized that
insurance coverage wouldn't affect the outcomes of patients with blunt
and penetrating traumas, such as car crash injuries and gunshot wounds.
But the researchers concluded that insurance coverage was actually "a
potent predictor" of how well a patient would do. They found a higher
death rate among uninsured patients.
A frequently cited study published in 2009 in the American Journal of
Public Health found a 25 percent higher risk of death among uninsured
compared with privately insured adults. The researchers calculated
44,789 deaths among Americans age 18 to 64 in a single year that they
said were tied to lack of health insurance.
"The uninsured have a higher risk of death when compared to the
privately insured, even after taking into account socioeconomics, health
behaviors and baseline health," the study's lead author, Dr. Andrew
Wilper, said at the time. "We doctors have many new ways to prevent
deaths from hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease — but only if
patients can get into our offices and afford their medications."'
But wait: the Idaho Statesman must be a left-wing, fake news site...
BK@Onramp.net: May 06 09:13AM -0500

Trying week. My Dell laptop decided not to play anymore. So straight
to Best Buy and had to settle for a Samsung, the Dells that I wanted
were all 2-in-ones. Didn't want that.
Then came the frustration. Setting up the computer was no problem,
but even though I had the data copied to an outboard drive,
remembering all of the apps that I had and their passwords were
missing. So I'm at a minimum, but have the important things up and
running. You forget all of the bells and whistles for each app, but
it'll all come back as soon as I can transfer the data on the thumb
drive to apps I've remembered and downloaded. Especially to Word,
where I have passwords.
Is Trump still POTUS? Haven't seen much news lately. Have to catch
Carbon <nobrac@nospam.tampabay.rr.com>: May 06 10:37AM -0400

> the data on the thumb drive to apps I've remembered and downloaded.
> Especially to Word, where I have passwords.
> Is Trump still POTUS? Haven't seen much news lately. Have to catch up.
Sadly Trump hasn't been impeached yet.
Passwords are a pain. I can see the convenience of using the same password
for every site, as I assume a lot of people do, but it's just too risky.
I use LastPass to generate secure passwords for all the different sites I
visit, and it will fill in the logins to all the websites I visit on my PC
and phone. I don't actually know the passwords on my Amazon and Netflix
accounts, among many others.
I've also used conventional password managers like Keepass and Password
Safe and both work well.
"Michael P" <MikePat@aol.com>: May 06 10:20AM -0400

Loves to be shit on, and thinks it's a great accomplishment.
Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: May 06 01:41PM

Just like shit stain.
He could not consult about jerking off, let alone computers.
Fucking human wasteland.
a wasteland in need of a chin and haircut.
Anonymous <nobody@remailer.paranoici.org>: May 06 01:11PM

The luzer is in a total panic.
"Michael P" <MikePat@aol.com>: May 06 08:44AM -0400

Let IT eat IT'Self up.
It's fun watching IT try so hard to get a bite.
Wadda pathetic POS with nothing.
"Michael P" <MikePat@aol.com>: May 06 08:39AM -0400

"Moderate" wrote in message news:oejkd5$1324$1@gioia.aioe.org...
>You know Carbon never backed out or honored the bet.
>Are all Canucks welchers?
>Seems that way.
Why are you even giving that human POS, Shit Stain the time of day? No one
but you is interacting with IT.
IT thrives on trolling and ball breaking. The only reason Shit Stain
demands proof, is to have you chase your own tail. IT knows full well.
Aren't you wise to IT'S widdle game?
If IT were dead, the world would be a better place.
IT is a cowardly, little, POS, keyboard warrior, who wouldn't dare to act up
like that in a face to face. The last time IT mouthed off, someone broke
IT'S face and got IT stiches.
Wise up.
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