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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: May 14 02:48PM -0700

Mosquitos are an important source of food for some creatures.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 02:56PM -0700

In article <0a643f72-cc87-4363-86ed-24d5b561d9b3@googlegroups.com>,
> Mosquitos are an important source of food for some creatures.
In particular, the bats in my belfry.
Michael Press
Eagle@bellsouth.net (J. Hugh Sullivan): May 14 12:21PM

A letter to Dear Abby this AM stated a man was fretting that not
getting on social electronic media has the world passing him by.
I think me not getting on electronic social media is leaving the world
in my exhaust, disappearing from the rear view mirror.
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xyzzy <xyzzy.dude@gmail.com>: May 14 06:55AM -0700

Was that on her Facebook page? Otherwise no one but you saw it.
Eagle@bellsouth.net (J. Hugh Sullivan): May 14 09:54PM

On Sun, 14 May 2017 06:55:15 -0700 (PDT), xyzzy <xyzzy.dude@gmail.com>
>Was that on her Facebook page? Otherwise no one but you saw it.
It was in the local paper. I'm not on anything but rsfc and the
morning paper. I've always reacted quickly and used to have an
uncontrollable temper - age has calmed that a bit.
Both sons were here for Mother's Day. As usual the verdict on me was
by the book, straight line, no deviation. I may have softened a
little. But it worked for a LONG time.
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Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: May 14 02:50PM -0700

He was a really good fraud, he consistently beat lots of lesser frauds.
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: May 14 02:36PM -0700

Month, and I wasn't really intending it as a slam on Press, it just made me laugh.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 01:48PM -0700

In article <38a921a0-80ee-4514-b1a0-e33851122d32@googlegroups.com>,
> Well, Michelle, most people can't afford decent food anymore, and that's no more evident than in our schools.
> Mike
As a bachelor on a minuscule budget I ate very well.
Cooked for myself. I could do the same these days.
It's easy to buy quality ingredients for little money
and huge return.
Always buy butter. Never marge.
This is a principle that covers many grocery buying choices.
Michael Press
GrtArtiste <nineorbs@yahoo.com>: May 14 04:55PM -0400

On 5/14/2017 4:48 PM, Michael Press wrote:
> and huge return.
> Always buy butter. Never marge.
> This is a principle that covers many grocery buying choices.
I've recently been experimenting with French and Irish butters. They
definitely turn the butter-ry flavor up a notch compared to Land O'
Lakes or the ordinary store brands.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 14 02:29PM -0700

Anyone with kids and/or working in public schools has a decidedly different opinion than Michele on her idiotic lunch program.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 02:10PM -0700

Article by Jazz Shaw.
This story in the SF Weekly deals with a commercial property in
the Haight-Ashbury district which became a local bone of
contention after some redevelopment work. The address on Steiner
St. was, for many years, the home of a locally owned coffee shop
called "Bean There." (Très adorable, n'est-ce pas?) It was
popular with the locals, but following some earthquake mitigation
work by the owner of the property, the lease to the coffee shop
owner was not renewed. There's some debate over why that took
place, but that's not really the story here.
What came next was an ongoing fight to see what business would
replace Been There. A profitable looking bid came in for a
different coffee shop operated by Blue Bottle Coffee. As the
linked article explains, having another coffee shop there wasn't
going to be acceptable if it wasn't the right kind of coffee
shop, if you know what I mean. Local community activists leapt
into action without delay.
But behind the scenes, a battle against corporate coffee moguls
was being waged…
The process hands a fair amount of power to nearby residents, who
are allowed to petition to the Planning Commission for or against
a formula retail business moving in.
With this bit of power, Lower Haight got fired up. Neighbors
United, a group formed by former District 5 supervisor candidate
Dean Preston and his deputy campaign manager Jen Snyder, worked
closely with the Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association
(LoHMNA) and local resident Hal Fischer to flyer the neighborhood
and alert residents about the plan. On Thursday people flooded
the Planning Commission meeting, voicing an overwhelming distaste
for the chain coffee shop's attempt to move into Bean There's old
And in the end, they won. The Planning Commission voted 2-4 in
favor of the opposition. A final motion to officially block Blue
Bottle will be held at a future meeting. The locals apparently
have the power to petition the planning commission and stop any
development which doesn't fit in with the "flavor" (oh… pardon
me. I'm sure that's probably flavour) of the Lower Haight
neighborhood. They are also on the lookout to prevent
"gentrification" and they certainly don't want one of those big,
international chain operations moving in and diluting the local
culture. So they shut down Blue Bottle's bid. The people rejoiced
over this great victory.
"This is a huge victory for preserving the character of our
neighborhood," said Fischer, who led a petition drive that
gathered more than 1,300 signatures. Congratulations, community
organizers! You kept out that big, nasty, soulless international
chain store. Except for one thing. Blue Bottle is a boutique
coffee outfit which was formed pretty much next door in Oakland.
Their mission statement tells you all about their horrible
corporate philosophy. It was started by, "a slightly disaffected
freelance musician and coffee lunatic." He created the brand
specifically to rebel against major chains like Starbucks and
bring people freshly ground coffee made from (and this is the
important bit) "responsibly sourced beans."
And how big is this massive international chain which the locals
were too exclusive to have in their neighborhood? They have a
total of 34 stores. But that's more than the eleven which the
local ordinance allows before you are considered a major
international player, however. So Blue Bottle's bid was shut
down. And what did this "victory" deliver for the sensitive,
socially woke residents instead? The property sits empty, as it
has for over a year with the exception of a brief, failed attempt
to open up a hair salon there. So the neighborhood used to have a
coffee shop where people could gather for a cup of joe and
mingle. Now they have an empty eyesore which is generating zero
profit or tax revenue.
Well played, folks. You've certainly struck a blow for hipster
culture everywhere. You've also managed to squeeze out even more
of the remaining incentive to attempt to engage in capitalism in
California. But what's the difference if you drove down the
property values and stopped someone from providing some jobs to
local folks and possibly making a profit? You managed to ward off
the scourge of "gentrification." Thank God you were there to save
the union from falling into disrepair.
Michael Press
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 14 02:27PM -0700

The thing I hate most about international businesses is how they truck in foreign talent to take all the local jobs. Oh, wait...
Eagle@bellsouth.net (J. Hugh Sullivan): May 14 09:21PM

On Sun, 14 May 2017 08:46:29 -0700 (PDT), dotslashderek@gmail.com
>Mias exactly right they're gonna collect a crapton less and spend a crapton more it's the great republican there can definitely be a free lunch for *me* dream.
Some of that is legitimate. But ALSO he has to pay for the
unbelievable deficit run up by Comrade Obama,
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"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 14 02:23PM -0700

Is this like, "I was against it before I was for it"?
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 14 02:22PM -0700

Discovering the South, Jennifer Ritterhouse.
Ritterhouse writes a book about Jonathan Daniels trip in "A Southerner Discovers the South."
I couldn't do it. I made it through about 60 pages of words shaped into sentences. Not much in the way of prose or even well-linked thoughts.
It's written by an obvious academic to impress other academics which makes it mind numbingly tedious in language and tenor.
I'll probably just read Daniels's book.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 01:32PM -0700

| Remarks by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) during a closed-door
| Energy and Commerce Committee meeting with Federal Communications
| Commission Chairman Ajit Pai raised eyebrows from those present.
| The moment occurred when Eshoo pushed back against Pai when he
| was discussing expanding broadband access to rural areas.
| Pai said that eliminating Title II net neutrality rules would
| benefit places he has traveled to, such as Parsons, Kan.,
| Elverson, Pa., and Cadillac, Mich.
| Sources inside the meeting told the Free Beacon that Eshoo was
| frustrated with Pai's comments. She wished out loud that Pai
| would stop talking about "Podunk, USA" and instead be more
| concerned about the venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road in her
| district near Palo Alto, according to the sources.
Sand Hill Road is where silicon valley venture capitalists
keep their eyries.
I-280 along the peninsula between SF and San Jose is interesting.
CalTrans spent millions caulking and feathering the expansion
joints to a fair-thee-well. Absolutely no noise traversing them.
That road is beautiful, riding the coastal range as it does. You
_can_ get a speeding ticket but you have to try. The slow lane
does 80. Fun in watching a Ferrari in the rear view mirror close,
rip by then fade into the horizon.
Michael Press
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 01:06PM -0700

It's too bad I'm not in this country illegally.
Otherwise I'd vote to repeal this tax.
Michael Press
GrtArtiste <nineorbs@yahoo.com>: May 14 03:45PM -0400

On 5/14/2017 2:45 PM, michael anderson wrote:
> I mean does anyone really doubt the warriors are going to win?
> The media is trying to play up this angle that the Cavs can win again, but I certainly don't see it this year
At least enough to pay for your new Subar_, that is..the Porch.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 14 12:45PM -0700

irishranger317@gmail.com: May 14 12:33PM -0700

On Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 2:03:46 PM UTC-4, RoddyMcCorley wrote:
> > Irish Mike
> False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul
> with evil.
If that's true, Hillary Clinton must have the most evil soul on the planet!
Irish Mike
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 12:31PM -0700

Review of _Austin Powers_[1997] by Mark Steyn.
| This month marks the 20th anniversary of Mike Myers' most
| celebrated creation: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
| was released in May 1997 and endures in popular consciousness.
| Which is quite an achievement. At the time, the spy-movie parody
| was surely the most exhausted of mini-genres. A couple of years
| before, Myers' fellow Canadian, the great Leslie Nielsen, had
| made Spy Hard. A couple of years after, Rowan Atkinson starred in
| Johnny English (of MI7). Neither left a mark, and why would they?
| Spoofs of James Bond had sprung up about 30 seconds after 007 hit
| the screen - Dean Martin as Matt Helm, James Coburn as Derek
| Flint. The Bond franchise saw them off by artfully serving both
| the Bond and the Bond-parody markets during the Roger Moore era.
| Even the contradictions in a clapped-out Sixties swinger still
| rogering his way across the planet in the allegedly more
| sensitive Nineties had been directly acknowledged in Pierce
| Brosnan's 007 debut a year or three before Austin Powers: As Judi
| Dench's M tells him in Goldeneye, "You're a sexist misogynist
| dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War."
| Yet somehow, across this most over-tilled of soil, Austin Powers
| snuffled out all manner of truffles. For one thing, unlike Spy
| Hard et al, it had great attention to detail. A Canadian
| author/star and an American director (Jay Roach) made the most
| lovingly English film in years - not just an accumulation of all
| the easy Bond jokes but a valentine to "The Avengers" (Steed and
| Mrs Peel, not Hulk and Scarlet Witch), "Jason King", Richard
| Lester's Beatles movies, and Swinging London when it was truly
| awfully groovy.
Michael Press
medavis5@gmail.com: May 14 12:30PM -0700

On Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 1:56:19 PM UTC-4, Michael Press wrote:
> _Galaxy Quest_, for one.
> --
> Michael Press
He was *very* good in that. However, I would not say that he carried the movie. I think it carried itself, in addition to having an excellent cast. I'm surprised and honestly impressed that you find humor in something.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 12:15PM -0700

President Clinton fired FBI director Jeff Sessions
one day before Vince Foster's death. The timing is suspicious.
Michael Press
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 14 12:07PM -0700

Michael Press
CtrlAltDel <altiemcd@aol.com>: May 14 03:00PM

and is training dumb-dumb Muricans in trades that will last and provide a
good living not just for 5 or 10 years but, possibly for 50 or a hondo
years or more.
Problem solving is one trade that Google is teaching our children.
Problem solving is important because without being able to solve problems,
you have a lot of problems and problems are not good for the bottom line
Teamwork is another trade that Google is teaching Muricans. Teamwork is
important because teamwork is all about working with other people on teams
and getting more work done in a better way with better results. Reducing
stress and managing feelings of being overwhelmed are all achieved much
more rapidly with teamwork.
Leave maff and crazy numbers and weird stuff that nobody ain't ever going
to use no way to the little China people who invented it. And the dot
Indians seem to love maff too, so just let them learn about that and that
can be their thing.
Muricans will go with Google and be where the real money and good careers
are at, in problem solving and team-working. Hell yeah!! Honestly though,
this is one of the benefits of having a company like Google actually in
your own country. They will help out in any way they can to train Muricans
to be worldwide leaders in highly lucrative fields like teamwork. The
rich keep getting richer.
Why it matters: "Google is helping to drive a philosophical change in
public education — prioritizing training children in skills like teamwork
and problem-solving while de-emphasizing the teaching of traditional
academic knowledge, like math formulas."
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