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Monday, May 15, 2017

Futbol Phan <sgzphd@gmail.com>: May 15 08:47PM -0700

"Damon Hynes, Cyclone Ranger" <damonhynes@gmail.com>: May 15 08:48PM -0700

Curb your fake incredulity, Bellomy.
unclejr <watsona64@gmail.com>: May 15 08:50PM -0700

On Monday, May 15, 2017 at 10:47:03 PM UTC-5, Futbol Phan wrote:
> Unbefckinglievable.
Impeach that MF'er now.
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: May 15 08:39PM -0700

When will it end?
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: May 15 04:34PM -0400

On 5/15/2017 11:58 AM, J. Hugh Sullivan wrote:
> wrong. We're blessed anyhow. 89 and 87 and still pretty
> self-sufficient at home - cleaning lady once a week.
> Hugh
Take care and get well soon.
michael anderson <mianderson79@gmail.com>: May 15 03:45PM -0700

On Monday, May 15, 2017 at 8:59:04 AM UTC-5, xyzzy wrote:
> > http://catalyst.phrma.org/why-wont-the-insurance-industry-tell-the-truth-about-medicine-costs
> It is interesting but it also begs the question of why drug pricing, as well as all other medical pricing, is so varied and opaque that it's easy to spin those numbers any way you want.
> This argument leaves off IMO that one way PBMs and insurance companies are holding down drug prices is by only covering an older, less effective formula of a drug
the problem is a lot of the time there is no evidence a drug is less effective. new doesnt always mean better.
Prescribers across multiple specialties(and mine is probably the biggest offender here) are guilty of this- prescribing a 600 dollar/month drug when one exists for 5 dollars/month that the evidence shows works roughly as well(or doesn't work that well just as good).
Unfortunately, I have drug reps coming up to me all the time when I point this out and say "well it's ok because most of these patients have medicare or medicaid"(and they cover pretty much everything, at least in my specialty) with minimal effort....
Thats why I'm amazed at the idea that going medicare for all would be such an improvement in efficiency. They can't even figure out how to deny coverage for 9000 dollar a year drugs when you can try an 80 dollar a year drug first.
I know a prescriber who wastes *AT LEAST* 2 million dollars annually of medicaid money with these prescribing habits....but hey, "it's allright because medicaid will cover it".....
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 15 04:51PM -0700

It's definitely an mess. Can't blame anyone for protecting their revenue.
Some dued <theodoreward@gmail.com>: May 15 05:32PM -0700

So you are for MORE government oversight and regulation?
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 15 05:19PM -0700

Or something.
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 15 04:55PM -0700

Most of the very early political figures in the US were very interesting.
Eagle@bellsouth.net (J. Hugh Sullivan): May 15 07:05PM

On Mon, 15 May 2017 09:25:14 -0700 (PDT), dotslashderek@gmail.com
>Sure, hugh, and why not just close all but one polling center in Wayne county? I mean, that's not explicitly targeting anyone because of race or voting tendencies.
>I don't know what's funnier, the politicians with their transparent attempts to sway elections under the "going after voting fraud" banner, or the arguments their minions float to excuse the behavior.
You have a very limited intellectual view of what can be accomplished.
You must have missed the point about color blind.
Obviously you think illiterate people should vote because, by your
response, you seem to think they are your peers.
What's right does not depend on who is saying it.
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dotslashderek@gmail.com: May 15 12:21PM -0700

Pehaps, hugh, what happened in ncar is just beyond you. Of course they don't include any mention of color in the new legislation. I suspect there isn't a single rule they've enacted that you wouldn't certify as "color blind".
And ncar didn't enact any unique legislation - they're just doing what scumbag republicans are doing all over. They just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar by being dumb enough to actually discuss things like "how and where do minorities vote and how can we make it more difficult for them without, you know, calling them out directly in the new law".
"the_andrew_smith@yahoo.com" <agavinsmith@gmail.com>: May 15 04:52PM -0700

ID yes.
"Literacy" no.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 15 02:14PM -0700

More than once Mythbusters exploded a water heater
by capping the all the ports and bypassing the
temperature controlled fuel shut off.
The first time was to test if it would go through
the roof of a house. I did not think it would
and was I happy to be wrong. Totally awesome.
They also exploded a water heater in open air.
I timed it.
Elapsed time from lift off to landing: 10.45 sec.
Altitude reached: 133 meter = 435 feet
Speed at lift off: 51 meter/sec = 114 mph.
Michael Press
Ken Olson <kolson@freedomnet.org>: May 15 06:35PM -0400

On 5/15/2017 5:14 PM, Michael Press wrote:
> Elapsed time from lift off to landing: 10.45 sec.
> Altitude reached: 133 meter = 435 feet
> Speed at lift off: 51 meter/sec = 114 mph.
That happened in my home area some years ago. It was like the water
heater was a Minuteman missile launched out of the basement, through 2
stories, and landed hundreds of feet away.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 15 04:29PM -0700

In article <ofda8q$c1o$1@dont-email.me>,
> That happened in my home area some years ago. It was like the water
> heater was a Minuteman missile launched out of the basement, through 2
> stories, and landed hundreds of feet away.
Surprising, too, how straight up they go.
In open air one landed within 10 water heater lengths
of the launch pad.
Michael Press
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 15 04:21PM -0700

In article <df6d9cf5-8840-48ea-a534-ae339db05d58@googlegroups.com>,
> the Twilight Club in the Mills Building, New York City, on April 12,
> 1883. in a talk "Some Things an Editor Dare Not Discuss.
> ~YS~
What do today's editors say behind closed doors?
I rather think many of today's editors are true
believers rather than salaried realists.
I do not read newspaper news stories.
Never captured my imagination.
At one time the SF Crock had fun columnists
and interesting Sunday feature articles.
Two feature articles that I still remember are
"I Rivethead" by a Michigan automobile line worker.
"Cracking the Egg Ring" by an attorney in his first job---an
attorney for the Department of Agriculture. He kept getting
"pestered" by a farmer complaining about hens eggs smuggled into
the USA. He thought it beneath him, then finally took the case.
Turned into a big success for him and he got the use of a
verboten animal skin briefcase for the remainder of his tenure at
Michael Press
YosemiteSam <YosemiteSam@byteme.com>: May 15 01:21PM -0700

Assume at some point in the not too distant future whoever is responsible for the worldwide virus/malware plague is caught.
The crime is obvious of course, but with medical care involved among other serious possible disasters, what is the punishment?
"The Cheesehusker, Trade Warrior" <iamtj4life@gmail.com>: May 15 01:17PM -0700

aka rompers for men
These will be big in Tuscaloosa, won't they?
Eagle@bellsouth.net (J. Hugh Sullivan): May 15 07:07PM

On Mon, 15 May 2017 08:55:07 -0700 (PDT), "The Cheesehusker, Trade
>After driving about 3k miles this past week, much on interstates, I've come to the conclusion that truck traffic is higher than I've ever seen before. Crazy how many semis are on the roads right now - way more than even 6 months ago.
>I know rail is booming too - so perhaps this high freight traffic is saying good things for the economy or something - but so, so many trucks
Remove the drivers on drugs and I'll bet there would be a lot fewer.
Too many nowadays seem to think the center is to straddle.
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dotslashderek@gmail.com: May 15 10:59AM -0700

Galaxy quest was a classic.
Many may not know he was a western michigan grad who was arrested in the small airport near wmu for smuggling 1.5 lbs of coke.
Back them that was only worth 3 years in jail. If it happened today, we likely wouldn't have ever had a galaxy quest.
Also his two main TV shows showcased the two areas he grew up, suburbs of denver and suburbs of detroit.
Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>: May 15 10:48AM -0700

In article <c1dee28e-483d-4231-bc46-2223af9c0e59@googlegroups.com>,
> > --
> > Michael Press
> He was *very* good in that. However, I would not say that he carried the movie.
_Galaxy Quest_ carries itself as you say. It is not an example of what I mean.
_The Santa Claus_ is an example.
> I think it carried itself, in addition to having an excellent cast. I'm surprised and honestly impressed that you find humor in something.
GQ had a very strong cast with
Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shaloub and Sam Rockwell.
Notice that Tim Allen was equal to the job.
"Am I too late for Alexander's panic attack?"
Michael Press
jim brown <jimbrowndoc@yahoo.com>: May 15 11:08AM -0700

These cost me $350,000 in profits last year if compared to pre-import prices.
"The Cheesehusker, Trade Warrior" <iamtj4life@gmail.com>: May 15 11:03AM -0700

They're both comfortable blowing 25 point leads
xyzzy <xyzzy.dude@gmail.com>: May 15 10:55AM -0700

I found it.
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