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Friday, May 5, 2017

Kwame <tfco10@gmail.com>: May 04 05:44PM -0700

i knew we would
Nark <Nark@shitter.com>: May 05 10:10AM +0100

On 05/05/2017 01:44, Kwame wrote:
> i knew we would
Much as I love Rashford and Lingard, bloody hell lads - get more
ruthless in front of goal.
But other than our lack of clinical finishing, a very good performance
last night.
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Darth Simian <great_sage_equal_of_heaven_@hotmail.com>: May 05 12:26AM +0100

Wafa's actions were "improper and/or brought the game into disrepute"!
The Manconic Lodge call for *HARD WEXIT*
I'm voting to change the direction of our country on Thursday 8th June!
Vote Liberal Democrat in the General Election to stop Brexit!
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