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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 06 06:49AM -0700

I think the Oilers will look back and see that picking up DD was a mistake. The wear and tear the Ducks have been able to put on the Oilers top lines could have been reduced if they had someone other then DD. Someone who would not have been parked on the bench, with zero shots on goal. Picking up DD to sit in the press box as depth might have made sense. Dressing him for a 4th line role did not.
The Mad Ape <chiefape@gmail.com>: May 06 07:40AM -0700

What made no sense was the non-goalie interference call on the tying goal. That being said, a team up 3-0 late in a game shouldn't collapse like that and now, because of one bad call, Oilers will lose the series. Guess they needed to learn some tough lessons before going to the next level of team growth.
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 06 08:05AM -0700

Call makes sense in an NHL where anything discretionary always errs on the side of keeping the score close or tied. Look at both games where the whistles were pocketed from the 3rd periods on, except for a non discretionary puck over the glass call. I think the NHL needs to get rid of the coaches challenge. I can understand reviews to see if the puck crosses the the goal line, but as they try to expand what can be challenged it will be hypocritical not to reverse non penalty calls that can have the same impact as a missed call that leads to a goal.
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 06 03:31PM -0700

NY vs Ottawa, I guess penalty free 3rd periods is the norm now
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 06 07:06PM -0700

No 3rd period penalties during the two games today and two games yesterday. What are the odds? Good if it's the NHL!
Chuck <barberphoto411@gmail.com>: May 06 06:02PM -0700

Must be desperate when they put Ovie on Eller's line. Eller is still frustrating to watch. Capable to take the puck coast to coast as well as hard to knock off the puck. Unfortunately he has no passing skills and his shooting skills, unless presented with a clear path to the net, are marginable
Mike <mike@gmail.com>: May 06 12:16PM -0300

Up 3-0 with 3 mins remaining and you lose? That's some scary shit right
there. This is a young team that will learn some valuable lessons from
that. They wont recover this year I don't think but its an investment
that will pay dividends in coming years.
Lucic is teaching them the Boston winning methodology too. Whine and cry
like a bitch every time you lose. Goalie interference on the tying goal?
Yeah, maybe - I say maybe. What he declined to note however is the high
stick/cross check to the chops that Perry took and was ignored by a
referee standing right there looking at it. The Oilers picked the puck
up and went the other way and scored a 3rd goal that never should be.
Are they ever going to fix the officiating in this league?
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: May 06 03:43AM -0700

On Friday, May 5, 2017 at 3:29:25 PM UTC-4, Mike wrote:
> As I posted above:
> Mitch Gallo had a good take on this:
> "Las Vegas deeper at center than the Habs. They have one player."
Technically, though... Habs do have depth. Vegas has more skill, but they only have 1 player. Habs have 5 or 6 centers... who can play 3rd or 4th line. :p
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: May 06 08:47AM -0400

Mike wrote:
> Mitch Gallo had a good take on this:
> "Las Vegas deeper at center than the Habs. They have one
> player."
I can easily see why Shipachyov opted for the Vegas offer:
better weather, lower taxes, and lots of stuff to do off
the ice. Only one language to learn too.
If the Habs lose Radulov, we're even more doomed than we
already are.
Nyssa, who wonders if Las Vegas will become Little Russia
if they get a bunch of Russian-speaking free agents to sign
there now
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