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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ed <ed.matthews@gmail.com>: May 23 04:16AM -0700

Who would Nashville match-up better against in the Final?
I'm leaning towards Ottawa. I really think that Nashville's D would be the difference. Breaking down the 1-3-1 that Ottawa has been using.
Pittsburgh offense could definitely challenge Nashville and get into some higher scoring games.
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: May 23 09:12AM -0400

Ed wrote:
> Pittsburgh offense could definitely challenge Nashville
> and get into some higher scoring games.
> Thoughts?
Ottawa would be the safer match-up for Nashville, especially
with their depleted ranks, but a Pittsburgh match-up would
be more entertaining, especially for casual fans.
At this point, I'll take either one.
I can't believe that the NHL is going to push the start of
the Final back to next Monday. Nothing like a big gap between
the series to let the above-noted casual fan go find something
else to do/watch instead of keeping up the momentum.
I heard Carlyle complaining after the game about how the
Ducks had to jump right into the next series after the
seven games with the Oilers. He thinks the NHL needs to look
into the scheduling to allow an extra day or two between
series. Funny how you didn't hear that kind of moaning from
the Sharks or the Preds last season when they had the same
problem. But I agree with Carlyle that it's a LOT of intense
hockey to play back to back to back. Hard on the players
and the fans for that matter.
Nyssa, who was feeling the strain of all the late games too
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: May 23 08:34AM -0700

The Pens would help me in my hockey pool and with traffic congestion around Kanata... probably not the more ideal matchup for Nashville, however. Teams are so depleted by injuries right now, it's hard to predict anything, though. If Karlsson's injury is bad or gets re-aggravated again, that's a huge blow to the Sens. The Preds won't get Johansen back no matter what. I don't know about Schultz, Hornqvist, all those other injured Pens. It's madness.
In which case, having a few days off before the Finals at least makes pretty good sense. I don't know if they have to go all the way to next Monday, though. I'd have said you wait for the Game 6 outcome tonight first. If they play a Game 7 on Thursday, then sure, Monday is fine, that's a nice little long weekend for the victor to rest up. But you don't need *5 days* if it ends tonight?
And I don't think they need more days off in between for other rounds. The Finals, ok, it's a showcase, it's the main event, it would be nice to have both teams at least somewhat fresher. But the other rounds... meh, that's why you try to finish higher in the standings and get a better matchup? Or why you try not to let the series go 7 games, etc.
Oh wait, and here's something the NHL might want to consider: how's about not letting the players absolutely kill eachother every game without calling any penalties??!?!?! If they aren't all beaten to a pulp in the process, the alternating days schedule might not seem quite so onerous.
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: May 23 12:00PM -0400

Gerry wrote:
> quite so onerous.
> l8r,
> Gerry
I agree STRONGLY with your last paragraph. There is no excuse
for the brutal stick work that's been allowed to go on during
the playoffs. There is a reason that there is a rulebook,
so use it!
If it ain't legal in the regular season, then it ain't legal
in the playoffs. This is NOT armed combat, it's HOCKEY!
I did get a chuckle when the refs overlooked the trapezoid
flub that Rinne made. It's time the trapezoid went away.
It was a stupid rule when put into the books and is even
stupider now that the two *talented* goalies who could
actually handle the puck well have retired from the game.
Get 'er done!
Nyssa, who has never understood the reasoning behind the
brutal play allowed against players just because it's
the playoffs
Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: May 23 09:03AM -0400

Jim Bauch wrote:
> farther than the Habs have gotten since P.K. was four
> years old.
> Jim
I'm really hoping that PK wins the Cup then sends a selfie
of himself holding it to his Foxhole buddies. "Thanks for
the memories, but I'll take Stanley" would be a nice caption.
Bitter? Yeah, you betcha!
I'm all on board for the Preds train now. Go PK!
Nyssa, who has been known to hold a grudge a time or two
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: May 23 05:34AM -0700

I don't see it as quite as passive as his last most famous version, but they are definitely trapping. Although they sometimes seem to relax it, and they have to make some major allowances for Karlsson in it... he still seems to have carte blanche to go where he wants on the ice, although his mobility is hampered perhaps a little by injury, but nevertheless, it makes it rather less strict or "passive" when you have an exception of that magnitude on the ice for 30mins a game.
I still think Boucher will ultimately go with "what works", and the Sens didn't play that way (or it didn't get much press at least) during the regular season that I noted. I think they gradually settled into it, especially against the Rangers. Or at least, more attention was drawn to it since then?
Anyway, he's got a very mediocre team into the Final Four, so I don't discredit him for playing that style. To my eyes, both Pittsburgh and Ottawa have looked sloppy, a couple of times translating to the blowout games, but even in the closer games they were both fumbling and bumbling their way relative to the West teams. I don't know if Pittsburgh just woke up last game or what. But obviously they are at least capable of doing so.
I do think the Habs would also be playing that style under Boucher. Maybe not depending on how much goaltending factors into his equation? But otherwise they check all the other boxes that would seem to require it, not having much skill, having immobile and inexperienced D, the Habs don't even have the Karlsson exception to dent the implementation.
And it would probably have worked better than what they have had in the meantime instead. Julien will be better yet, hopefully. But a Boucher trap system would be better than Therrien's mindless risk aversion. The trap is a way to stop the other team from gaining your zone, to take possession away from them. Once you've accomplished that, it's not exclusive of playing a good possession game or having a skilled attack going back the other way, and I think the Sens are doing pretty well in that respect.
Where the Sens are really failing hard, and that goes on coaching too, is the Power Play.
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