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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"4-0 Better Than Brady" <montana@49ers.us>: May 24 07:03AM +0200

WILKES-BARRE TWP. — San Francisco 49ers fans don't come more
passionate than Nancy Evans.
The 77-year-old Cresco native has a spare bedroom in her house
dedicated to her favorite football team with between "2,000 and
3,000" different pieces of memorabilia.
She can also happily sport a different 49ers jacket for each day
of the week ... for two weeks straight.
On Sunday, her granddaughter surprised her with a trip to The
Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono, where former 49ers quarterback Joe
Montana was on hand to take photos with fans and sign autographs.
When Evans was young, her favorite team was the Cleveland
Browns. But as she grew older and watched more of Montana and
the 49ers, her allegiances changed.
"People said I only liked the 49ers because Joe was handsome,"
Evans laughed. "He is handsome, but that's not why. It was
because it was never 'I'm the best' with them. It was always, 'I
couldn't have done it without my team.' "
Those were words echoed by Montana, who won four Super Bowls
during his 16-year professional career, during his 10-minute
session with the media.
"I think the biggest thing is to have great teammates," Montana
said when asked what helped him stay so calm when the lights
where at their brightest. "You can perform all you want, but if
you don't have people making plays … the game's over."
Montana, who grew up just south of Pittsburgh and whose wife was
born in Carbondale, stopped by The Downs on Sunday on his way
from Buffalo to Philadelphia.
"I had an opportunity to come by here," he said. "It's always
fun to be back in my home state."
Montana, 60, answered questions on a range of topics before
meeting with several hundred eager fans in the casino's racing
lobby at 5:10 p.m.
"I haven't been down there (to see the fans) yet, but I've heard
there's a lot," Montana said. "It's pretty fun. It's great to
know that after being out of the league for so long that there
are people who still have some good memories of when I played
with the 49ers and the Chiefs."
As someone who once considered going to college on a basketball
scholarship instead of football, Montana said he's been
following the NBA playoffs and expects the Cleveland Cavaliers
and Golden State Warriors to meet in the finals once again.
"It's hard to live in San Francisco and not be a Warriors fan,"
he said. "It'll be a good (series), I'm looking forward to it."
Montana also said that he liked what the Philadelphia Eagles
have done this offseason and sees them as a team that could make
some noise in the playoffs.
"(The Eagles) had a pretty good year last year, and when you
have that type of year it's easy to get people to come to your
team and fill those gaps, and I think they're going to be one of
those interesting teams to watch," he said. "They've got a good
young quarterback."
Also among those on hand waiting for a picture and an autograph
Sunday was Peckville's Chris Aiello, whose 49ers-themed front
yard might be familiar to anyone who's ever driven around the 40-
year-old's neighborhood.
"I heard (Montana was coming) three weeks ago and, hands down, I
knew I was going to be here," said Aiello, who was covered head
to toe in red and gold body paint. "I just want to shake his
hand and say, 'It's an honor and a pleasure to meet the greatest
quarterback of all time.'"
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slakso@citizensvoice.com; 570-821-2083;
@CVSethLakso on Twitter
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: May 23 03:18PM -1000

The good and not so good from 49ers OTAs: Week 1
Hoyer in total command? That's good news, now read the rest of the
article ... :)
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: May 23 03:14PM -1000

On Mon, 22 May 2017 08:22:04 +0200 (CEST), "daniel"
>> Lol, he killed his own bargaining power with an interception filled
>> 2016. Teaching a Rubik's Cube class in the off season? :)
>You ever watch Jet receivers run routes?
What routes, they looked like running routes was an option not a job,
but, there's not defense for the way Fitzpatrick played.
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