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Monday, May 15, 2017

John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: May 15 04:33PM -0700

On Monday, May 8, 2017 at 8:29:29 PM UTC-10, Grimes wrote:
> http://sfo.247sports.com/Bolt/San-Francisco-49ers-still-at-31-in-
> ESPN-Power-Rankings-52676545
Why would they be any higher when they haven't even played a game? Power rankings are meaningless, especially to a team that's had a losing season.
John Walsh <jwalsh589@gmail.com>: May 15 01:31PM -1000

A 49er great who played in 208 consecutive games as a OT.
"right@left.com" <right@left.com>: May 15 07:11AM

On 14 May 2017, "Gary Rosen" <garymrosen@comcast.net> posted some
> of the players like Gabbert signing on as emergency or backup
> QBs but that is not enough to overcome the baggage he all
> too willingly acquired.
Kaepernick has his priorities wrong.
New Yorkers may be a bunch of aholes but we wave the flag first and settle
social issues second.
He'd get booed out of the stadium or bombed with beer bottles if he pulled
that crap here.
Do your job first.
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