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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty" <moaulanui@hotmail.co.nz>: May 06 05:22AM +1200

——> Howard Stern \ Kathy Lee Gifford

Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty
Maangai Kaawanatanga - Tainui Kiingitanga - Te Aotearoa
http://www.exorcist.org.nz Ko te Mana Motuhake
"have caused the decrease of the native population of
these islands. Such are gonorrhea, and other social
disease; prostitution; the illusion of his being a
god [which led to] worship of him (James Cook);
fleas and mosquitoes; epidemics.
— Extract from Ka Nupepa Ku'oko'a
February 16, 1867
"ed" <ed@ottawa.ca>: May 13 06:17PM +0200

In article <of24jk$p0d$1@gioia.aioe.org>
> or is it?
> http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000807911/article/cardinals-to-sign-blaine-gabbert-to-oneyear-deal
Kaepernick is not dedicated to football.
He will be broke and filing for bk in a few years.
Benard Atkins <batkins700@gmail.com>: May 13 07:34AM -0700

"Fire Edwards" <fire.edwards@49ers.com>: May 13 10:45AM +0200

No they didn't.
Harry Edwards, the renowned sociologist...Harry Edwards, the
racist black asshole and civil rights activist from Berkeley.
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