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Saturday, May 6, 2017

mr.hvac@gmail.com: May 06 03:20AM -0700

When do the Cheatriots apologies for cheating, Twice?
<< "I can tell you, when [the current Red Sox ownership group] arrived in 2002, I think one of the most important things with John Henry, [chairman] Tom Werner and [former president] Larry Lucchino did was acknowledge the shameful past of the Boston Red Sox," Kennedy said. "There's a reputation of maybe not being the most friendly and hospitable environment, and we've worked really hard to change that. We want to open Fenway Park to everyone. Everyone should feel comfortable at Fenway Park, no matter your race, your religion, political beliefs, sexual [orientation], you are all welcome at Fenway."
The Red Sox have a "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to racial slurs, Kennedy said. But to enforce it, Kennedy said the team relies on fans reporting intolerant behavior.
"The fans can be our best allies in this because they can help us identify behavior going on around the ballpark that we may not be able to identify even just being 20 feet away," Kennedy said.
The Orioles have two more games left at Fenway this week. What kind of reception does Jones expect?
Boston is racist as fuck
mr.hvac@gmail.com: May 06 03:18AM -0700

6:21 AMmr....@gmail.com
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You should.
Just saying...
No you're absolutely right. I revoke my Patriots fandom. I'm now joining the haters. The Patriots Superbowl appearances are all tainted. Even the games they lost. I will now become a Dolphins fan!
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