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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Razor <no@no.com>: May 01 11:41AM -0400

> It is a YUGE need!
> mr dude
What team would be stupid enough to fire their GM AFTER the draft? Oh,
"mr dude@harvarduniversity.edu" <fosterfla@gmail.com>: May 01 07:33PM -0700

On Monday, May 1, 2017 at 11:41:38 AM UTC-4, Razor wrote:
> > mr dude
> What team would be stupid enough to fire their GM AFTER the draft? Oh,
> wait....
You rubes just don't get it!
Who is going to fetch Sean McDermott's coffee while he is making the best draft picks in the NFL??
If Whaley got fired before the draft someone important may have to get him some java.
mr dude
"Monkey Poo" <monkey.poo@baylor.edu>: May 02 12:30AM +0200

Forget about Griffin and Dan Snyder clashing with Kyle and Mike
for a second and just keep it on the football field. Griffin
came from an unorthodox spread system at Baylor, and despite the
hype, Kyle truly had no idea how the supreme athlete with a
strong arm would fit into his play-action passing attack that
demanded accuracy and processing. So to bridge the NFL gap and
give him a chance for success right away, Shanahan simplified
his system and ran a non-traditional offense, where Griffin won
a rookie of the year trophy and Washington won the NFC East in
2012. A year later thinking he was invincible, Griffin withered
in the Shanahan's traditional offense in 2013 — something
Shanahan told me RGIII and his father demanded he play in
because they both thought he could handle it.
Drumrboy <drumrboy@aol.com>: May 01 08:46AM -0700

> ----------
> Well, Ernie may have some input between games but I doubt he does much to help in game adjustments.
> But look. To be honest *I* am getting a little sick of the Patriots winning all the time. Give someone else a turn
"but I doubt he does much to help in game adjustments."
You Cheatriots will NEVER be able to ignore the fact that you got caught red handed. TWICE!
Your whole "winning all the time" is a sham. FACT!
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