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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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I guess I get why the grades people are putting on the Dolphins are harsh, but the reality is no one can know just how good or bad the choices that the GM has made will prove to be. That includes the re-signing of Stills, Jones and Branch. It includes the choices in the draft and those yet to be made in the time between the draft and the start of camp.
We know from watching the entire NFL that the typical personnel choice is probably something like 50-50 for good or ill. The Dolphins have erred on the side of disaster for a long time now. The general trend seems to be to the better, but there's a long ways to go to establish this crew as other than ordinary.
Vegas has established the Dolphins has a 7.5 game winner in 2017. The half-game is strictly a way of saying 0.500 or worse – proof that the odds makers . aren't a bit convinced that the Dolphins have truly turned the corner.
I wonder where Vegas had the Dolphins following Fist-Pump's 11 win freshman season?
I sure hope that the Dolphins find a way to re-sign Landry so they don't have to go through the tag drama in 2018.
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