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Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Aldrichtom" <Aldrichtom@stilllost.com>: Apr 30 10:14AM

"Aldrichtom" <Aldrichtom@stilllost.com>: Apr 30 10:21AM

> Benny Hinn's tax bill to keep him out of jail so he can bring THE WORD
> to all the poor suckers?
Trijcomm will
The Chad <thechad@mailinator.com>: Apr 30 02:38AM

On Sun, 30 Apr 2017 00:32:34 +0000, Aldrichtom wrote:
>> Do you understand what "piss-take" means, or do we need to start a list
>> for YOU as well??
> Well bred people are unaware of your such lists.
You're a lot closer to inbred than well-bread, Grandpa Dumpster.
The Chad <thechad@mailinator.com>: Apr 30 02:38AM

On Sat, 29 Apr 2017 22:16:41 +0000, Aldrichtom wrote:
> On 29-Apr-2017, "Jason Todd!!!" <janklowicz24@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> And even given that's it's piss-take...REALLY.
> Can you clean this up please, there're are respectable people here.
Shut the fuck up, you whiny cunt.
"Aldrichtom" <Aldrichtom@stilllost.com>: Apr 30 10:17AM

Oops! your upset again.
"Aldrichtom" <Aldrichtom@stilllost.com>: Apr 30 10:17AM

> A) "respectable people?" Where?
So you are telling everyone here that they are not respectable
Don't you even respect yourself
That's sad
The Chad <thechad@mailinator.com>: Apr 30 02:40AM

On Sat, 29 Apr 2017 20:57:50 +0000, Aldrichtom wrote:
> On 29-Apr-2017, The Chad <thechad@mailinator.com> wrote:
>> Most of the time you post here, I think you're on the rag.
> There you go CP13, getting upset again
Nobody knows what "CP13" means, you inbred idiot.
"Jason Todd!!!" <janklowicz24@yahoo.com>: Apr 29 09:22PM -0700

On Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 4:50:34 PM UTC-4, Aldrichtom wrote:
> > And what "mess" was that?
> If things were neat and tidy then why was there such a massive out cry as
> reflected in the election
1) Yes, there are people out of work and underemployed. Obama was president, not a miracle worker
2) Even with help from Comey and Russia, (not insignificant factors) Your boy LOST the popular vote. I don't know if you recall that. Not only that, 88,000 votes in three states would have made all the difference in the world.
and the best the Democrats could do was run Hilary
I have admitted that Hillary was an imperfect candidate. But how is THAT Obama's fault?
> If that is not a mess, then what is/
I'll tell you what is -- Look at where the country was from 2007-2008. THAT's a mess.
> > If Obama was "lazy" then what does that make Mr. Golf Every Weekend?
> Trump has stated numerous times that those are for the comfort of his guests
And you believe that.
me <mooseheadjack13@gmail.com>: Apr 29 10:17PM -0700

Tap tap tap
"Aldrichtom" <Aldrichtom@stilllost.com>: Apr 30 09:53AM

> CP13
I explained that a few weeks ago
me <mooseheadjack13@gmail.com>: Apr 29 10:20PM -0700

No such thing
robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: Apr 29 10:47PM -0700

Lol ask god
The Brunei Bindlestiff <unifarva@gmail.com>: Apr 29 06:33PM -0700

On Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 9:20:49 PM UTC-4, robert stickler wrote:
> Chad said no way
chad svcks your momma.
robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: Apr 29 07:12PM -0700

The Chad <thechad@mailinator.com>: Apr 30 02:39AM

On Sat, 29 Apr 2017 10:33:08 -0700, robert stickler wrote:
> i wanna know.
He doesn't work at all. He's a shiftless loser.
robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: Apr 29 07:48PM -0700

I know
The Brunei Bindlestiff <unifarva@gmail.com>: Apr 29 06:31PM -0700

On Friday, April 28, 2017 at 11:36:27 PM UTC-4, robert stickler wrote:
> > > Only you would miss WebTV, white-trash queef.
> > only you didn't know how to use it
> webtv is absolute garbage.
no it wasn't
and I still miss it.
robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: Apr 29 07:12PM -0700

Lol ridiculous
The Brunei Bindlestiff <unifarva@gmail.com>: Apr 29 06:26PM -0700

> On Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 10:23:24 AM UTC-4, The Brunei Bindlestiff wrote:
> > well
> That's Bierks Bentley, dimwit.
no its not, chad.
robert stickler <rjs2084@aol.com>: Apr 29 07:12PM -0700

"Aldrichtom" <Aldrichtom@stilllost.com>: Apr 29 10:07PM

Every Saturday on Fox there is Judge Jeanie on Fox who presents a wonderful
show and usually such guests as Kellyanne Conway and Ann Coulter are there.
Maybe you people could learn something and stop all this bickering.
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