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Monday, March 27, 2017

Nyssa <Nyssa@flawlesslogic.com>: Mar 27 09:38AM -0400

Marty wrote:
> help make a potential top flight centre finally earn his
> wings.
> Marty
Which is pretty much what we've been saying and is the
logical thing to do.
I mentioned Manny Malholtra for a reason: he was one of the
top faceoff men the Habs have had recently. What's he doing
these days since retirement? Plus he speaks French. ;) I'm
sure there are others on the Habs that could use a bit of
extra coaching too. If Manny isn't interested, there are
other recent retirees who could probably be lured into a
consultant job. Make it so!
I had to chuckle over the weekend when I was listening
to a Pens game and Mike Lange mentioned that Sidney Crosby
has always had poor faceoff stats. Gee, that hasn't kept
him from being a #1 has it?
Nyssa, who thinks that all the time the coaches, GM, and
commentators have spent whining about faceoffs could have
been better spent actually doing something about it, like
finding a *&@#! coach to help fix it
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Mar 27 07:44AM -0700

Malhotra is basically doing that job already for the Vancouver Canucks.
Although I'm not so sure how secure their coaching staff is after this season. Vancouver is doing ok on faceoffs, 10th in the league at 51.1%.
I feel like the main "art of the draw" is pretty bogus... clean wins and losses isn't the thing that matters here. Players and teams are largely distributed between 45% and 55%, which says to me it's largely a coin toss. Plus the stat itself has limitations.
It is more than a decade now since I spent a season charting faceoffs, but what I came away thinking from that exercise was... usually it doesn't matter if you win or lose. It's more down to how the players handle the win or loss that matters. You can lose cleanly, and the puck really goes nowhere important and nothing happens. Or vice versa on a clean win. The really key thing is how the players handle their coverages off the draw. It's when somebody isn't tied up on a loss or a lane opens or a weird/lucky bounce happens that a faceoff loss actually hurts you.
So to me, it's a stat that gets waaaaay too much attention for centers. What matters more to me, and this is still the case for Galchenyuk anyway, is how they handle their coverage and positioning and defensive responsibilities in general. There isn't a good stat for that either. Not something as simple and easy for the pundits to point to as a "win/loss" percentage on faceoffs, anyway. I'd take any productive center at 40% on faceoffs *IF* they were otherwise tying their opponent up and handling the defensive responsibilities of their position in general well. Which Galchenyuk isn't either.
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Mar 27 07:46AM -0700

Oh yeah, and the other thing that bugged me when I charted faceoffs was... how do they figure a faceoff is always a WIN or LOSS? I started counting WIN/LOSS/TIE pretty early on in my exercise, because a lot times the centers just tied eachother up, and it really wasn't on them what the outcome of the faceoff ended up being.
gorgofromns@gmail.com: Mar 27 11:48AM -0700

They do have ties. I don't know how they calculate it but not all faceoffs are awarded as a win or loss. In addition, and I think they record the quality of the win or loss and this is tabulated. Was it a clean win/loss, a scrambled one etc. Last week in one of Montreals losses, can't remember which of the two, there was a stretch when the Habs (Pleacs) lost 3 faceoffs in their end "cleanly" in a row. They were scored on on the 3rd. Whats worse, they lost the next 2 faceoffs in there end cleanly too. One by Danault, can't remember the other. IMO, Pleacs faceoff % stats, which are not great, don't also add that he loses a lot of draws cleanly.
TheMadApe <chiefape@gmail.com>: Mar 27 10:02PM -0300

Were you getting paid to do this or was this for your own fun? If for
the fun of it, then you deserve a super-fan award.
Otherwise you must work in the business.
You don't have to answer LOL.
Gerry wrote:
Gerry <gerry14@hotmail.com>: Mar 27 07:05PM -0700

Just being a nerdy fan, alas. :)
gorgofromns@gmail.com: Mar 27 11:35AM -0700

Yay... without question.
gorgofromns@gmail.com: Mar 27 11:34AM -0700

As for me, I don't think a stick breaking due to a slash should be an automatic penalty. These new age sticks break too easy anyways. The slashes aren't any harder these days... the sticks are more brittle. That said, in hockey we wear thickly padded gloves for a reason, bangs on the hands are common. We simply can't penalize every slash-like contact oe bang to a players glove. It will make the game unwatchable. Let the refs decide if the slash was excessive and in malice and leave it like tgat. We're already interjecting too many annoying penalties into games. As for Methot... buy a better pair of fuckin gloves.
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